J - j

-ja   cl. assertive particle.

jaa-   pv. agape, as of mouth, spread apart, as of legs. Category: body.

jaa-jaa-karrimi   vc1i. expose oneself vulgarly as when certain positions are assumed.

jaa-jaa-wangkami   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

vc1i. caw, as of a crow, babble, engage in baby-talk. Category: sound.

jaaji   nm. church. Read: kumanjayi, 1993 Syn: pipa, kaa-kaa-wangkami. From: English. Category: religion.

jaa-karrimi   vc1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa lirra jaa-karrimi manu jarntu lirraji kuja-ka jaa-karrimi manu warna kuja-ka +lirra jaa-karri kulu warnaji, ngulanya; stand with the mouth agape.

jaala-   pv. back and forth, up and down, to and fro.

jaala-juurl-juurl-pinyi   vc3i. jump around, hop around.

jaala-karlami   vc1t. dig all over, everywhere.

jaala-mani   vc5t. get or gather all over, all along.

jaala-nyanyi   vc3t. look repeatedly, go repeatedly to see, go up and down in search of.

jaala-parnkami   vc1i. run or fly to and fro, race up and down, travel back and forth.

jaala-wapami   vc1i. walk back and forth, to and fro, up and down, go or travel from place to place.

jaala-yani   vc5i. go back and forth, to and fro, up and down.

jaala-yirdiyi-karrimi   vc1i. go back and forth, to and fro, up and down.

jaal-karrimi   vc1i. (not glossed).

jaalparra   nm. Ngulaji jaalparra yangka kuja-ka wangkami yapaju marda, juulkurra karla jinta-kariki wangka; discreet, polite, secretive, as of speech so as to avoid mention of deceased person's name or to avoid being understood by other listeners, parabolic speech or talk parable. Ngari karnangku jaalparra-mipa wangkami nyuntu-mipaku ngari yirnangku jaalparra-juku wangka juulkurra nyuntu-mipaku. I just want to speak indirectly to you (about that deceased person who I cannot name). Jaalparrarlu-mipa karnangku yimi-ngarrirni yangkaju kuja makari-pukalku wuruly-parnkaja. I want to discreetly talk to you about that widow woman who ran away (following her husband's death). (Jangala speaking about a deceased Jupurrurla or Japanangka). Syn: juulkurra.

jaaly-mani   vc5d. plot, conspire secretly about someone or something.

jaalyp(a)-wangkami   vc1i. whisper, speak softly or in an undertone.

jaaly(pa)   nm/pv. whispering, soft or low (of voice). Syn: wurulypa.

jaaly(pa)-luwarni   vc2t. cool down (as from wind blowing on something).

jaa-mala-mala-karrimi   vc1i. yawn. Category: body.

jaantaku-   pv. extending over.

jaantaku-karrimi   vc1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka pirli marda kirdirrpa jaantaku-karri manu marda kuja-ka karrungka walya ngawarra-jangka jaantaku-karri. Manu yangka kuja kalu yapa marda milpirimpiri milpangka payangkalku jaantaku-karri; extend over, protrude, overhang, as of ledge, be bigger than, be gouged or washed out. Like a cut-out portion of a mountain or washed-out section of riverbank. Syn: jaarn-karrimi.

jaantakupari-   nm. protruding, as of an eyebrow, heavy.

jaantaku-pinyi   vc3i. Ngulaju pirli-ka ngarnka jaantaku-pinyi; protrude, be steep, as the result of a cut or washout. Jaantaku-pinyi-ka ngami turaki-kirlangu. The tray of the tip truck is fully elevated. Pirninyarra-ka jaantaku-pinyi karrungka. The riverbank is very high and steep.

jaantaku-pinyi   steep cut, cliff-face, impossible to climb. Jaantaku-pinyi-ka ngami turaki-kirlangu. The tray of the tip truck is fully elevated. Pirninyarra-ka jaantaku-pinyi karrungka. The riverbank is very high and steep. The word often has the sense of there being a washed-out or fallen-away section which results in the +steepness.

jaantarr-karrimi   vc1i. protrude, big and fat.

jaantarrpari   nm. protuding, prominent protrude.

jaantarr(pa)-   pv. extending over the perimeter of, prominent.

jaanyurdu   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. mute, speech defect, speech impaired, dumb. Category: health.

jaarl-karrimi   Variant: jaal-karrimi?.

vc1d. 1 • block, stand in the way of, obstruct the free passage of, reserve for one's self.

2 • Ngulaji kuja karlipa-jana jaarl-karri yapa-kariki, 'Yampiya, wiyarrpa yarnma ngawu-ngawu pakarninja-wangurlu kulunypa-wangurlu ngawu-ngawu.'; protect, defend. Nyampuku karna-jurla jaarl-karri. I'm protecting myself from it.

3 • testify in defense of. Ngarirnangku ngaju jaarl-karrija. I helped you from that trouble. Ngarirla jaarl-karrija yalumpuku, kala kapu nyinayarla pirnkingka. (The lawyer) defended that one, he would have landed in jail. Category: law.

jaarl-mani   vc5t. Ngulaji yangka kuja karli-jana jaarl-mani yapaku yirdiyi manu tawa yangka yuwarli yapaku manu jarntuku. Manu kuja kangalpa ngapangku jaarl-mani yirdiyi tiraki-kirliki; intercept, block, bar the passage or way of someone, impede the path or progress of.

jaarl-mardarni   vc2t.

1 • Ngulaji yangka kuja kanyanu rla jaarl-mardarni mirtirlangu manu kurdiji karli-kijaku manu kuturu-kujaku yapangku murru-murru-kujaku; guard, defend, protect, save, parry, hold and block.

2 • withhold something from someone else.

jaarl-ngunami   vc1d. Ngulaji yangka kuja karla jaarl-nguna ngati-nyanu kurdu nyanunguku nyanungu-nyanguku yapa-kujaku manu jarntu-kujaku manu nyiyarlangu-kujaku; lie in the way of so as to impede or block passage, protect.

jaarl-parnkami   vc1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa yarnkamirra lani pakarninja-kujaku, ngula karliparla jaarl-parnka, juul-karrimi yapa-kuju ngula-ka parnkami; cut across on a direct path, run in the way of, cut off, head off, run in front of.

jaarl-wangkami   vc1i. lay claim to, claim ownership of. Kulalpa-nyanurla jaarl-wangkaja, walku. He was unable to lay claim to it for himself. Category: law.

jaarl-yani   vc5i. Jaarl-yani, ngulaji yangka kuja karla yapaku yirdiyirla warna wiri-jarlu yirdiyi jaarl-mani, yangka kuja-ka yapa lani yirdiyirla jupu-karrinjarla yanirni pina. Manu yangka kuja karla yapaku turaki-kirliki ngapa karrungka jaarl-yani yangka rdulykur-yaninjaku; intercept.

jaarl-(l)uwarni   vc2t. throw something so as to block and/or protect someone.

jaarl(pa)-   pv. obstructing, blocking.

jaarl(pa)-yirrarni   vc2t. block up, plug, stop up something.

jaarn-karrimi   vc1i. Ngulaji kuja-ka jaarn-karrimi pajirninja-warnu yapa yawarra yilara yangka yira-jarrarra manu yangka kuja-ka pirli kankarlu-warnu paya-paya jaarn-karri; overhang, as of ledge, protrude, as of brow. Syn: jaantaku-karrimi.

jaarnpa-   pv. arching.

jaarn-pakarni   vc2t. chop downwards. Category: cut.

jaarntarr(pa)-   pv. belching, burping. Category: body.

jaarr-kijirni   vc2i. stake, stick into.

jaarr-ngarni   vc4t. transgress the law, disobey, sin (?) Jaarr-ngarni ka-jana yapa nyiya-kanti-kanti yalumpurlu Japaljarrirli. That Japaljarri disobediently breaks all the law (perhaps by marrying within the wrong kinship grouping. Syn: yunjararra-kanyi. Category: law, religion.

jaarr(pa)-   pv. staking.

jaati   nm. shirt. From: English loan. Syn: wawarda.

jaja   Usage: Warnayaka dialect

nm. kinship term, granny, mother's mother, mother's mother's brother. Syn: kaparli-pardu (Ngaliya dialect); mirntirri. Category: kin.

jajaja   nm. grandmother, kinship term. Category: kin.

jajaly-   pv. powerfully impact.

jajalya-wantimi   vc1i. fall down hard.

jajaly-luwarni   vc2t. impact, strike with great force (as of a thrown object).

jajaly-pinyi   vc3t. accuse, blame, use bad words during a fight, swear at another person as during a fight. Category: law.

jajarlangu   nm. kinship term, two persons of which one is in Ego's subsection and the other in that of Ego's mother's mother. Syn: munu-munurlangu. Category: kin.

jajarlangurlangu   nm. kinship term, pair consisting of one's mother's mother and daughter's daughter. Category: kin.

jajarni   vs2t. Ngulaji kuja karliparla jajarni mangarri kurduku marda manu yapa wirirlanguku mangarriji manu kuyu yangka yinja-wangurlu; eat greedily or selfishly, drink greedily or selfishly. Usage: polite form used instead of ngarni Jajakarla! Eat that up! Don't give it to that other one! Jajarnu mayinkili? Did you mob eat everything up and not leave me a thing. Category: eat.

jajina   nm. Ngulaji junganypa-piya jilparijilpari wita kulunypa--nyayirni, manangkarrarla-ka nyinami; crest-tailed marsupial. Category: animal.

jajinjinpa   nm. Jajinjinpa, ngulaji yangka kuja kalu yapa pakarni yapangku purungka, yangka mungangka manu yangka wurnturu parlangka tarnnga-kurra. Ngula kuja kalu wankaru-maninjarla pakarninjarla yilyami yapa-kurra yangka kuja kalu jinyi-jinyi-mani yapa-kariki kuluku-maninjaku ngula kuja-ka yapa-karirliji ngari wita rdipa-pinyi, ngula kuja-ka tarnngalku tirnpa-yani tarnngalku. Yangka kuja-ka yapa purrka-jarri; kill by sorcery and bring back to life, voodoo. Someone who has been hurt by sacred people purungka (out bush), he then is said to have or possess the jajinjinpa, someone who has been hurt already and has marks inside, person who has had voodoo worked on them. Jajinjinparlu pakarnu jinta-kari yapa-kari. Ngula-jangkaju, yalirli jinta-karirli pina-pakarnu yangkaju jajinjinpa-kurluju tarnnga-kurra. Jajinjinipaku-ngarntiji, yapa-karirli-wiyi pakarnu mardalu jarnpangku-wiyi marda manu linjarrparlu marda. Ngula-jangkaju, pakarninja-warnurluju mardalu kin-kin-kujurnu-wiyi. Manu ngula-jangkaju, pututu-wangkajalku-lurla jajinjinpaku-ngarntiji. Ngula-jangkarluju jajinjinpaju marda pina-yanu ngurra-kurralku nyanungu-nyangu-kurra. Yalirlarlu ngurrangkarlulku mardarla wangkaja jinta-kariki manu marda ngarrurnu yurungku, manu marda pakarnu jajinjinparluju yapa-karilki. Ngula-jangkarluju, jinta-karirliji yalirli pakarninja-warnurlu pina-pakarnu yangkalku jajinjinpa-jangka ngulaju tarnnga-kurralku. Category: law, religion.

jaji-pardu   Usage: Warnayaka dialect

nm. father, kinship term. Syn: kirdarna (Ngaliya dialect); wapirra (Ngaliya dialect). Category: kin.

jajirdi   nm. native cat sp. Syn: yumpardijinpa. Category: animal.

jajutuma   nm. insect sp., caterpillar sp. Syn: lalkapurra. See: kirriny-pinyi. Category: insect.

jaka   nm.

1 • Ngulaji purdangirli-warnu yapa--kurlangu manu wawirri-kirlangu manu yankirri-kirlangu jaka yangka purdangirli-warnu; buttocks.

2 • stern of ship, truckbed. Category: body.

jaka-jaka-mani   vc5t. sing a song with magic power in order to give power to something (DAT). Jakajaka-mani kanyanurla kulukungarntirli kuturuku yungu yapakari pakarni, manu yungunyanu mardarni nyanungurlu -- ngarlkin-mani. Someone will sing their fighting stick before a fight to guarantee hitting the other person and so that it will protect the singer -- block (any blows). Category: religion.

jaka-jakarr-wapami   vc1i. walk while twisting the foot so as to squeak against the surface.

jaka-jaka-wapami   vc1i. Jaka-jaka-wapami, ngulaji yangka kuja kalu yapangku purda-nyanyi mungangka wapanja-kurra, yangka kuja-ka marnangka manu yilyanyparla wirliya yirily-yirily-wapami; make the noise of something being crunched underfoot.

-jakakarra   ns. like, in the manner of. Manu yangka kuja-ka yapa-kari yapangku kulu-parnta-jakakarrarlu yapa-kari pakarni nganta kulinyparlu ngula kuja-ka yapa-karirliji yijardurlku pakarni yapa-karirliji tarnnga-kurra murru-murru-kurra. Or like when a person who thinks he is a better fighter hits another person and then gets a real beating from that other person who lays him out for good.

jaka-kirtirlki   nm. protruding buttocks, large buttocks. Category: body.

jaka-mardarni   vc2t. name, sing a spell on someone. Category: law, religion.

Jakamarra   nm. male skin name. Diminutive form Jakarra. Category: kin, skin name.

jaka-ngalya   Ngulaji yangka kuja kalu nyiyarlangu marda yuranypa jaka-ngalyaju panu-jarlu-nyayirni kanyi; full, heaped up, chock-a-block.

jakanypa   nm. small tree, shrub sp. Petalostylis cassiodes. Syn: wariyi. Category: plant, flora.

jakarlapayi-payi   nm. gall sp., insect sp. Within nutlike coccoon which grows on the coolibah tree. Category: insect.

jakarlarra   nm. prickly bush sp. Syn: nyili. Category: plant.

jakarn-karrimi   vc1i. cracked, as of the ground.

Jakarra   Ngulaji yangka wita marda Jakamarra marda wiri marda Jakamarra ngulanya Jakarraju; young Jakamarra.

jakarr-pinyi   vc3t. Ngulaji kuja karlipa jakarr-pinyi yangka miyirlangu kilyirrparla manu kuyu rdakungka kilyirrparla manu rdaka walya-kurlurlu; fill in, as with dirt. Syn: jutu-mani.

jakati-yirrarni   vc2t. Ngulaji kuja karlipa-nyanu jakati-yirrarni yangka mangarri japu-jangka tuwangka ngayi-ngayi yarda maninjaku-ngarnti miyiki-ngarnti; store, stash.

jaka-yirrarni   vc2t. plan, arrange, threaten, plot, conspire, make arrangement to harm.

jaka(-jaka)-yirrarni   vc2t.

1 • decide concerning something, reach a decision about, make an arrangement, plan. Jaka-yirrarni kalurla yingalu puwa yirrarni Lajamanurla jinta-karilki. They are planning to drill another bore at Lajamanu. Jaka-yirrarni kalurla kanjuluju yungulu-nganta mani turaki wiri-jarlu. The council is planning to buy a big truck. Jaka-yirrarni kalurla mining-wardingki-patu yapa warlaljamarri yungulu-nganta pinta-pinta-nganta mani. The mining owners are planning on buying a plane. Usage: Used in this positive sense, there does not seem to be any dative object. Dative object required whenever the sense is negative.ed in this positive sense, the dative-marked constituent is the goal of the plan.

2 • Jaka-yirrarniji ngulaji kuja kalu yangka yapangku panungku turakiki maninjaku manu kuja karla wati-kariki kulu jaka-yirrarni kuluku pinjaku karnta-ngurlu; threaten, plot, conspire. Syn: japirdimi. Category: law.

jakilyi-pinyi   vc3t. tear into little pieces, as of paper, dig out little holes or chunks. As kids do to watermelon.

jakulu   nm. Ngulaji pilirri-pilirri kardirri mangkuru-jangka ngirriri-ngirriri; shell.

jakumirnta   Variant: jakumarnta.

nm. 1 • termite sp.

2 • termite mound. Syn: mingkirri. Category: insect.

jakuru   nm.

1 • youth, young man. From: Australian ‘jackeroo’.

2 • Ngulaji yangka yapa kuja-ka nyinami wangkanja-wangu wurdungu-warnu manu marrpa nyinanja-wangu, ngulanya jakuruju; farewell, good-bye. See: puurr-puurr-yani.

jakuru-pinyi   vc3t. Jakuru-pinyi, ngulaji yangka kuja ka-jana yapangku kirri-kari-kirrarlu wurna wangkanja-yani yapaku yaninja-kurra yangka yapa-kariki panu-kariki; bid farewell to, take leave of, say good-bye. Syn: jakuru-yinyi.

jakuru-yinyi   vc3t. bid farewell, take leave of, say good-bye. Syn: jakuru-pinyi.

jakurda   nm. spear target. Disk hewn from tree bark, used as target for spear practice when thrown into the air. Category: hunt, fight.

jakurdanpari   nm. Ngulaji yangka nyiyarlangu narnturnpari warru-kirdi-kirdi nganayi-piya yujuku-piya; circular, round, humped.

jakurdu-kurdu   nm. Ngulaji kurdu yangka kuja karlipa yilyami yuwarli-kari-kirra yapa maninjaku kurdijiki-ngarnti jakurdu-kurduju; initiation trip taken by young boys.

jakurr-kanyi   vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja karlipa kankarlurlu kanyi jimantarla jarna kanyi, ngulanya jakurr-kanyiji; carry something lifted up. Syn: jarna-kanyi.

jakurr-mani   vc5t. Ngulaji yangka kuja karliparla yarnkami rdaka-jarra nyiyarlanguku ngula jarna-mani, ngulanya jakurr-maniji; lift up.

jakurr-yirrarni   vc2t. Ngulaji yangka karlipa jakurr-yirrarni nyiyarlangu walya ngurlu yurdi-kirra kuyu marda miyi marda; put on top of.

jakurr(pa)-   pv. elevated.

jakurta-jakurta   nm. Dodder Laurel Flora, creeper sp. Cassytha filiformis. Category: plant.

jakuyulpu   nm. cave type.

-jala   cl.

1 • actually, certainly, to be sure. Nyarrpara yangkaju, yanu mayi? -Nyurru-jala yanu. Where's that one we were talking about, did he go? -Of course he went, you should have realised that!

2 • despite. Parnkajarna, paarl-mardarnurna Warlarlaji yarujurlu, wurnturu-jala. I drove, I got to Warlarla quickly despite the distance. Parnkajarna, paarl-mardarnurna ngajuku-purdangkaji yangka nyurru-warnu kamparru-warnu-jala kuja yarnkaja.

jala-jala   nm.

1 • desire, want. Jalangu-jurna jala-jalalku miyiki manu kuyuku. Today I felt like eating. Implies person was previously sick and unable to eat.

2 • impolite, anti-social, troublemaker. Nyiya-kunparla jala-jala-jarrija nyampu-kuju? Why did you do this to that? Question implies that something was ruined by a willful act of destruction. Syn: kiyi-kiyi. Category: law.

jala-jala-jarrimi   vc1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa jala-jala-jarrimi miyi manu kuyu ngarninjaku ngampurrpa manu ngunanjaku manu parnkanjaku manu wangkanjaku; desire. Dative complement.

jalajirrpi   nm. white cockatoo, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

jalala-piiny-piinypa   nm. Yellow-throated Miner, bird sp. Manorina flavigula. Category: bird, fauna.

jalanjurrunjurru   nm. shamelessly provocative person, a 'stirrer', sexual tease.

jalanjurrunjurru-karrimi   vc1i. poke tongue in and out, as of snakes. Category: body.

jalangu   nm. Jalangu, ngulaji yangka parra ju-kurra-wangu manu pirrarni-wangu, jalanguju. Yangka parra rdili kuja-ka karrimi jalanguju; today. Category: time.

jalangu-jalangu   nm. Jalangu-jalangu, ngulaji yangka nyiyarlangu kuja-ka karrimi yangka nyurru-warnu-wangu manu yupa-patu-wangu. Category: time.

jalangu-jarra   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku kuruwarri ngurrju-mani nyanungurlulku yangka jalangu-jalangulku, ngulanya jalangu-jarraju; today, nowadays. Nyurruwiyi kalalu nyinaja kuja; jalangu-jarra ngulaji kalu nyinami kujalku. Long ago they used to live like this; but today they live this way. Syn: jalangu-jalangu; Ant: nyurru-wiyi, yupa-patu. Category: time.

jalangu-karri-karri   av. recently. Category: time.

jalangu-marrara   nm. nowadays. Syn: jalangu-jalangu, jalangu-jarra. Category: time.

jalangurra   nm. Ngulaji kuja-ka ngunami kuruwarrirlangu nyurru-warnu ngulanya jalangurraju; eternal, timeless. Category: time.

jalanypa   Usage: Ngaliya dialect

nm. tongue. Syn: ngalyanu (Warnayaka dialect). Category: body.

jalanypa-kari   nm. Jalanypa-kari, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa wangkami jaru ngurrju-wangu, yangka kuja kanyanu jarungku nyurlami manu kupal-pinyi, yangka jalanypa ngawungku nyurltu-nyurlturlu manu nyurnku-nyurn-kurlu; unintelligible speech.

jalanypa-mulyu-mulyu   nm. rapid movement of tongue poking. Typically in anger. Category: body.

jalanypa-pardu   nm. uvula. Category: body.

jalanypa-wangka-wangkami   vc1d. flirt, make a sexual overture at someone. By poking one's tongue quickly from the side of the mouth in the direction of the other person. Lit: tongue-talk-talk Jalanypa karla wangka-wangkami. He is poking his tongue in and out at her in flirting manner.

jali-jarra   nm. kinship term, bride's parents. Category: kin.

jalja   nm.

1 • lesser in size, shallow.

2 • burrow, dead end.

3 • incompleted, halfway. Yirrarnu, yirrarnu, jalja-juku yampija. Tried to put it, tried to put it there, he left it uncompleted.

jal-jalja   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. white feather or plumage. Pinkirrpa karla yapaku walungka manu ngalyangka jaljalja-mani. The white feathers are standing out on the person's arms and forehead. Category: bird.

jaljal(ja)-mani   vc5i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka kardirri-nyayirni pinkirrpa nguna, manu kuja-ka mardarni yapangku jurru kardirri-nyayirni pinkirrpa; bright white. Typically of white feathers used as a head ornament. Jaljal-mani-ka pinkirrpaji. The feather is bright white.

jalkaji   nm. woomera, spear thrower. See: jurdi-mani; kuyu-panturu. Syn: pikirri, wanmayi. Category: hunt, fight.

jalkararra   nm. snake sp. Large, brownish-yellow, poisonous. Category: snake, fauna.

jalki-yirrarni   Usage: Alekerenge (Wakirti) dialect

vc2t. close, shut, as of a door. Nganangku-japa rurrpaju jalki-yirrarnu pirda-ngirliji kujalu kamina-patu yukajarra Syn: jaarl-yirrarni.

jalpanyku-   pv. looking downward.

jalpanyku-karrimi   vc1i. stand while looking downward.

jalpi   From: English loan.

nm. self.

jalpirrpa   nm. bush tomato, plant sp. Syn: wanakiji. Category: plant, flora.

jalpu-kurlu   nm. well behaved.

jalpurr-karrimi   vc1i.

1 • radiate out, stretch out, extend out from, branch out. In a downward direction, as of roots. Syn: wipimi.

2 • descend. Genealogically from (noun-ABLATIVE case). Jinta-ngurlu jamirdi-ngirli, ngula-ka ngajuku-purdangka-warnu-kurra jalpurr-karri nganju-piya. From one grandfather descend all of my generation like roots. Abraham kujalpa nyinaja, ngula-ngurluju-ka nganju-piya jalpurr-karri nyanungu-nyangu kurdu-kurdu-kurraji nyampuju kuja karli jalangu nyina jinta-jangka Abraham-jangka. Abraham who lived, from him like roots do his children descend, we who live today from that one Abraham.

3 • clustered together, tangled. Nyiyarla kalu yinya yapa jalpurr-karri? Why are all those people clustered together? Nyampuju jalpurr-karrimi-ka ngunurruju rdarrpaki-rdarrpaki--nyayirni. All these (auto) hoses and wires are in there like a maze of roots, blowed if I can figure them out! Category: plant, kin.

jalpurr(pa)   pv. radiating outwards, stretching outwards, extending outwards.

jalu   nm. ravenous, starved with hunger.

jalupa   nm. Desert Skink, lizard sp. Egernia striata. Category: lizard, fauna.

jalurti   nm. crest-tailed marsupial mouse, mouse sp. Category: animal, mouse, fauna.

jalya   nm. Ngulaji yangka kurdu wawarda-wangu manu tirawuju-wangu manu wirri pakarninja-wangu, ngulanya jalyaju; naked, fat, healthy, as of a kangaroo or bushcat. Category: animal, kangaroo.

jalya-kurlu   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. nice, fat and healthy looking, in good condition, fit. Category: health.

jalya-wangu   nm. sickly, unhealthy, skinny. Syn: lirrkinypa, yarnma. Category: health.

jalyirrpa   nm.

1 • leaf, foliage.

2 • Ngulaji parla watiya-jangka manu pinkirrpa jurlpu--kurlangu; feather. Syn: parlpirrpa, parrka, parla, jutulpu, walpurru, yama. See: jiwirri; mangkaja; malurnpa; purlkurnpa; yilyanypa; yama.

3 • hymen. See: japirrpa.

4 • Ngulaji parla watiya-jangka manu pinkirrpa jurlpu--kurlangu; playing cards. Category: plant, body, bird.

jaly-jaly-jarrimi   vc1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa jalyjaly-jarri nyiyarlangu majuku marda ngurrju marda nyinanjaku majuku marda ngurrju-maninjaku yangka-nyanu nyanungu-wurru yangka yapa; want, desire. Variant: jala-jala-jarrimi.

jalykurr-katirni   vc2t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka wirliya-kurlurlu jalykurr-katirni marda ngipiri marda manu marda ngakurru; bust something open. Such as an egg or watermelon.

jalykurr-pakarni   vc2t. hit someone on the nose. Category: hit.

jama   nm. Ngulaji yangka yapa ngurrju yinja-panu kuja kangku yinyi miyi manu kuyu manu maaniyirlangu, ngulanya jamaji; generous. Syn: jamara-mara.

jamaka   nm. grinding stone.

jamalya   nm. Ngulaji watiya pakarninja-warnu walya-piti-piti manu nyurru-warnu linji walya-piti-piti; log, stump. See: jiwirri; watiya; warlu. Syn: pirdilypa, rdalyku, wilypati. Category: plant.

jamana   nm. Ngulaji wirliya-kari yangka yapa-kari manu yangka yapa wirliya ngawu wijirni-kirra ngawu marda wirliya ngulanya jamana-kariji; feet, shoes. Syn: wirliya. From: Gurindji loan. Category: body.

jamana-kiri   Variant: jamana-kari?.

nm. 1 • Ngulaji wirliya-kari yangka yapa-kari manu yangka yapa wirliya ngawu wijiji-kirra ngawu marda wirliya, ngulanya jamana-kariji; cracks on bottom of feet.

2 • tyre tread.

3 • shoe, boot, sandal. Syn: jamana-kiri-patu-kiri-patu?. Category: body.

jamankurla   nm. frill-neck lizard, lizard sp. Chlamydosaurus kingii. Category: lizard, fauna.

jamanpaku   nm. try, attempt, have a go. In the knowledge that you are better at doing it than someone else.

jama-ngarrara   nm. generous.

jamaru   nm.

1 • mouth.

2 • ritual call. Of the type typically used to begin ceremonies involving initiated men. Category: body.

jamaru-karrimi   vc1i. give a ritual call to others involved in a ceremony. Syn: jamuru-pardimi.

jamaru-pardimi   vc1d. give a ritual call to others involved in a ceremony. Syn: jamuru-karrimi.

jamayi-mayi   nm. avoidance talk?

jamayi-mayi-jarrimi   vc1i. engage in avoidance talk?

jama-yirrarni   vc2t. copy. Syn: tarnpirni.

jami   nm.

1 • well behaved, good-natured person.

2 • mild tasting. As of food that is non-sharp or non-piquant. Category: eat.

jaminykirra   Variant: jaminyinkirra?. Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. Jaminykirra, ngulaji yangka kuja kalu yapangku pakarni yapa, wati--karntangku manu watingki--yapa kulpari-pakarninja-wangu, yangka kulpari-pakarninjarla kulpari kunka-pardinja-wangu. Yapa jami manu yapa laninji; not taking revenge, unvengeful, non-retaliatory, passive, in vain, futile, acquiescent, for no return, working as a slave would. Usage: This definition implies that the term may be being used in a pejorative sense in that the offended person does not retaliate due to fear. Jaminykirrarnangku warrki-jarrija. I worked for you for nothing. Jaminykirrarnarla yungu maniyi. Nyanungurlu kulaju yungu pina. I gave him money, but he did not give it back. See: piki-karrimi. Category: law.

jaminypa   nm. uninitiated person, novice, unready, unprepared, ignorant. Who therefore may not participate.

jamirdi   nm. Ngulaji yangka nyuntuku ngati-nyanuku-palangu kirda-nyanu nyanunguku-palangu, ngulanya jamirdiji; kinship term, daughter's son (reciprocal), daughter's daughter (reciprocal), mother's mother (reciprocal), mother's father (reciprocal), grandson, granddaughter, grandchild, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent. Category: kin.

jamirrka   nm. lips. Category: body.

jampalypa   nm. sharp point.

jampaly-pinyi   vc3t. sharpen.

jampaly(pa)-   pv. sharp.

jamparl-   pv. chewing. Category: eat.

jamparli   nm. snake sp. Poisonous. Category: snake, fauna.

jamparl-jamparl-ngarni   vc4t. chew vigorously. Category: eat.

jamparlngarri   nm. initiated man, subincised man. Syn: jara-parnta. Category: law.

jamparl-pinyi   vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jamparl-pinyi kuyu manu miyi yapangku kartirdi-wangurlu, ngulanya jamparl-pinyiji; chew. With some effort, as of a person missing teeth.

nm. 1 • circumcisers.

2 • kinship term. The relationship between the circumciser and mothers of circumcised. Category: eat, kin.

Jampijinpa   nm. male skin name. Category: kin, skin name.

jampimi   vc1t. lick. Syn: jampirni. Category: eat.

Jampirlka   nm. young Jampijinpa.

jampirni   vs2t. Ngulaji yangka kuja kalu yapangku jampirni pirliti miyi-jangka manu kuja kalu jarntungku jampirni kartaku kuyu-jangka manu miyi-jangka, ngulanya jampirniji; lick. Syn: jampimi, yanjirni. Category: eat.

jampita   nm. cup, small billy-can. Usage: Ngaliya dialect Syn: kartaku (Warnayaka dialect). Category: eat.

jampu   nm. Ngulaji yangka yapa kuja-ka nyinami jampu manu nyiyarlangu jampu-purdanji, ngulanya jampuju; left hand, left side. Category: body.

jampu-karra   nm. left-handed. Category: body.

jampu-purdanji   nm. left hand. Ngula yanu...pingka-nyayirni kutu-nyayirnilpa pampurnu puta-puta, ngula pampurnu-juku rdakangku jampu-purdanjirli. He went...slowly he got closer and tried to touch it, then he touched it with his left hand. Category: body.

jampu-purdinypa   nm. left-most object in a group of objects.

jamulu   av. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka pakarni ngamirni-nyanu kurdu-nyanurlu jamulu-kurra, manu kuja karla wangkami ngamirni-nyanu ju, 'Luwakaji ngaju-nyangurlu jamulu-kurra, kulalparnangku nyarrpa wangkayarla kurdu ngaju-nyanguku.'; uselessly, fruitlessly. Yalumpuju jamulu-nyangka, kularnangku yinyi! Go ahead and look at it but I'm not giving it to you. Jamulu-nyangka, maniyi-wangurlaju. Go ahead and look, I've got no money for it. Jamulu manta yirdija maniyi-wangurla. You can go ahead and get it, but there's no money for it.

jamulu   nm.

1 • OK, all right, easy.

2 • person who feels well or strong. Category: health.

jamulu-   pv. leaving, separating from.

jamulu-kijirni   vc2t. throw down and leave behind.

jamulu-ngarrirni   vc2t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka karnta ngarrirni yuru watingki kali-nyanu karnta warlalja ngurra-warnu jamulu-kurra jangku-maninja-wangu; talking to no avail. As when a wife pays no attention to her ranting husband.

jamulu-nyanyi   vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja ka-jana jamulu-nyanyi yapa pakarninja-kurra wangkanja-wangurlu manu -patu pinja-wangurlu, manu kuja-ka nyanyi jamulu warna pakarninja-wangurlu yapangku; ignore, look away from.

jamuru-karrimi   vc1i. talk excessively, boast, brag. Yinya-kula kanyanurla jamuru-karri yangka-kuju maniyiki. That one is certainly boasting about all the money he won. Syn: jamuru-ngarrimi.

jamuru-ngarrirni   vc2t. boast. Syn: jamuru-karrimi.

jamurungurru   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka nyinami yapa wiri-nyayirni yirdija-ngarra yapa panungka, ngulanya jamurungurruju; proud, renown, famous, boss, leader, important person, best, toughest, strongest. Category: social.

-jana   bp. them (plural, more than 2, object form). Nyanyi kajana. He is looking at all of them.

janama   nm. young Japanangka.

janamiljarnpa   nm. generation moiety. Of Jungarrayi, Jangala, Jupurrula, Japanangka. Category: kin.

jani   nm.

1 • loincloth, pubic tassle. Traditionally of hairstring. Syn: majardi, wirri-pakarnu, mawuyarni.

2 • ash residue. Used to roll tobacco in.

janjalyarra   Variant: janjarlarra.

nm. 1 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa yawarra wijini manu murru-murru, manu yangka pinti wijini-paranyku. Pinti murru-murru; open sores, skin rash or disease. Syn: wijini.

2 • strong feeling, desire to do something. Nyampuju janjalyarra. This one is really eager. Janjalyarra-jarrijankujulu ngaju-kuju. You mob really were really eager to have a go at me! Ngajuku kujankujulu waparlku-kurra janjalyarra-nyayirni kutu rdujurnu. You people just went ahead and started picking on me when I was minding my own business. Category: health.

janjanpa   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja karla kurdurlangu janjanpa-jarri kurdu-kariki miyiki manu kuja karla janjanpa-jarrimi wati wati-kar-ikirlanguku tirakiki, ngulanya janjanpaji; desire, want.

janjanpa-jarrimi   vc1d. want, desire. Nyampu kaju janjanpa-jarrimi warrarda. Janjanpa-wangu nyinaya. This one always wants me. You leave me alone.

janji-pinyi   vc3m. search.

janjirnngi   nm. tree sp. Acacia inaequilatera. Category: plant, flora.

jankami   vs1i.

1 • cook.

2 • burn. As of fire.

3 • ripen.

4 • bite. As of hot spicy foods.

5 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jankami kuyu warlungka manu kuja-ka jankami nalija warlungka, ngulanya jankamiji; sting. Category: eat, cook, insect.

jankirni   nm. mistletoe sp., plant sp. With white, edible berries, found on mulga trees. See: yulyurlpu; yunkurrmu. Category: plant, flora.

janku-jarra   nm.

1 • fearless, without fear of reprisal. See: ngarrmarn-karrimi.

2 • plant sp. Grows on the ground, looks like an onion, hairy skin, might be brown, bigger than janmarda, not eaten. Category: plant.

jankulypa   nm. spinifex, plant sp. Which grows in large round balls. Syn: tarltarlpanu. Category: plant, flora.

janmarda   nm. Ngulaji miyi-ka pardimi karru-wana pirnti-pirnti; karlami karnalu miyi wurduju-nyayirni walyirirla. Parlaji, ngulaji yipiri-piya; bush onion, plant sp. Cyperus rotundus/bulbosus. Syn: kinyuwurru, yakanku, yirrakurru. Category: plant, flora.

janmurru-kanyi   vc3i. fall and crash.

janngarinji   nm. small bull-roarer.

janpi   Variant: jarnpi.

nm. Ngulaji marna manangkarra-ngawurrpa; porcupine grass, spinifex. See: jany-kurlu; kalajirdi; kalpalpi; kurnturlja; manangkarra; milpingi; tarltarl-panu; yawirlara; yinjiri; yipiri; yirdijirdiji. Syn: marna. Category: grass, plant, flora.

janpilypa   nm. Smoky Gum, tree sp. Category: plant, flora.

janta   pv. give something to someone for safe-keeping. See: jungarni-ngawurrpa.

jantalypa   nm. covered with sores all over the body. Syn: janginy-janginypa. See: rdilyipi. Category: health.

jantaly(pa)-pantirni   vc2t. make holes in something.

jantapa   nm. antbed. Category: insect.

jantawarra   nm. Ngulaji kuja kalu-nyanu yinyi nyiyarlangu turakirlangu marda, mirti marda, yinyi kuja kalu-nyanu, ngulanya jantawarra; borrower, moocher.

janta-yinyi   vc3b. share around.

jantukurla   Usage: Lajamanu dialect Variant: jantukula.

1 • useless, unproductive, dull, stupid, not bright, unskilled.

2 • Ngulaji kuja-ka nyinami yapa kulu-wangu manu nyiya-kanti-kanti-wangu ngawu-ngawu manu linjarrpa-wangu, ngulanya jantukulaju; peaceful, non-combative, placid, mild-mannered. Category: law.

jantukurla-wangu   nm.

1 • skillful, productive, intelligent.

2 • busy-body, know-it-all, sticky beak.

Jangala   nm. male skin name. Category: kin, skin name.

jangalarnti   nm.

1 • marsupial mouse sp.

2 • tasteless, insipid flavour. Category: animal, mouse.

jangampalpa   nm. Bush Lemon. Category: plant.

janganpa   nm. Common Brushtail Possum, possum sp., place in desert. Trichosurus vulpecula. Syn: mimingirlpi, wajungumpu, kirlpangardi; Associated place: Janganpanpa. Category: animal, fauna.

jangari   Variant: jangayi.

nm. slingshot, catapult.

jangarnka-marda-wangu   nm. grey falcon. Category: bird, fauna.

jangarnngka   nm. Ngulaji yapa-kurlangu mipa nyampu yangka lirrangka kanunju kuja ka jangarnngka pardimi yumurru waninjarla kankarlu, ngulanya jangarnngka; beard, chin. Category: body.

jangarnngka-puka   nm. bereaved father.

janginy-janginypa   nm. covered with sores all over the body. Syn: jantalypa. Category: health.

jangka-   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

pv. avoiding, escaping, deserting.

-jangka   cs.

1 • from.

2 • because. Syn: -ngurlu~-ngirli, -warnu.

jangka-kanyi   vc3t.

1 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa-karirli pakarni, ngula-ka wurulypa parnka pakarninjaku kunka-maninja-wangu-juku, ngulanya jangka-kanyiji; hit and run, escape. So as to avoid revenge or payback. Wurra wurra kajikanpaji pakarninjarla jangka-kanyi, yirna-jirla ngaju-malku kunka-mani-yijala. Wait, wait-don't just hit me and run away, I want to pay you back first. Pakarninjarla jangka-kangu Jampijinparlu. Jampijinpa hit him and took off.

2 • win the jackpot. In a card game and leave without giving the other opportunity to recoup their losses. Nganangku-nyarra jangku-kangu? Who won all the money off you mob? Syn: jawaji-kanyi.

jangkalku   nm. foolhardy, without regard for consequences. 'Kajikarnangku pinyi.' 'Yuwayi, ngayjili jangkalku pakaka!' 'I'm going to give you a good hiding.' 'Yeah, well just go ahead and try it!'. 'Ngayi-jili jangkalku luwaka!' 'Just try and hit me. Go ahead, I'm ready for a fight.'.

jangka-mardarni   vc2t.

1 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jangka-mardarni yapa-kari pakarninjarla jaminykirra kunka-maninja-wangurlu; defeat, overcome by use of superior skill. Nganangku-ka jangka-mardarni nyampuju yankirri? Who's the one who got this emu? Nganangku ka-jana jangka-mardarni Yuendumu? Who's the winner over Yuendumu?

2 • prevent payback, prevent revenge from being exacted, unapologetic, unrepentant, not giving opportunity for payback, no oportunity for saying sorry. Syn: jawaji-mardarni. Category: law, fight.

jangkardu-   pv.

1 • Ngulaji kuja karla yangka jangkardu-yani yapa-kariki yapa-yijala kulu pinjaku manu maniyiki kumanjayi-maninjaku parlpirrparlaku; opposing. Nyampu-kurlu maniyi-kirli karna-jana yaliki yapaku jangkardu-yani. With this money I'll go and beat that mob at cards.

2 • attack, agression. Nyampu-kurlu jurnarrpa-kurlu karnarla jangkardu-yani. With these weapons I'll go and fight them. Syn: yarri. Category: law, fight.

jangkardu-parnkami   vc1d. Ngulaji yangka kuja karla kulu yangka parnka wati-kari-nyanuku pinjaku-ngarnti; attack. Category: fight.

jangkardu-wangkami   vc1d. speak against. Category: law.

jangkardu-yani   vc5d. attack. Category: law.

jangkarli   nm. young Jangala.

jangkayi   nm. unmarried men's camp. Syn: yampirri.

jangku-jangku-mani   vc5t. decide, reach agreement about. Ngula kujalpalurla Puurluku jaaly-manu jangkardu, ngulajulu-nyanu jangkujangku-manu Puurluku pinjaku, When they were plotting against Paul, they decided among themselves to kill Paul,

jangkulypa   nm. tobacco. Cooked, prepared for chewing by addition of white ash. See: janyungu; jungarrayi-jungarrayi; jurnpurnpu; ngunju; yarunpa.

jangku-mani   vc5t. Jangku-mani, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa-kari wangkanja-kurra yalu-mani, yangka kuja kapala yapa-jarra wangkami wirntaru nyinanja-karra manu yangka karrinja-karra; answer someone's call or question. Syn: yalu-mani.

jangku-pinyi   vc3b.

1 • promise.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja karla jangku-pinyi karnta ngamirni-nyanurlu wati-kariki nyanungu, manu maniyi kuja-ka jangku-pinyi watingki karnta nyanungu-parntaku; betrothe. Category: law, kin.

jangku-wangkami   vc1i. Jangku-wangkami ngulaji yangka kuja kanyanu karnta wati nyanungu-parnta-kurra pakarninjaku manu ngarrirninjaku yangka wati-kari-panu manu yurnilyka-panu maju-panu yapa-kari-panu yangka kuja karla watiki wangkami; consent, submit to punishment or verbal abuse, confess about one's wrongdoings. Category: law.

jangurnu-jangurnu-jarrimi   vc1i. Jangurnu-jangurnu-jarrimi, ngulaji yangka kuja kalu yapa panu-jarlu jaruku jirringi-yirrarninjaku, yangka ngurrjuku marda, majuku marda, jaruku. Yangka nyiyarla marda, ngurrjungka marda, maju-majurla marda, jarungka. Manu yangka kuja kalu yapa panu-jarlu karnta manu wati parlpirrparla jangurnu-jangurnu-jarri, yangka maniyi wiringka; group together, huddle together. Facing each other. Syn: turnu-jarrimi, nyuyu-jarrimi. See: nganti.

jangurnu-jangurnu-jarrimi   vc1i. decide?, reach an agreement? See: jirringi-yirrarni. Category: law.

jangurnu-jangurnu-mani   vc5t. Ngulaji yangka kuja kalu nyiya-kanti-kantirlangu jungarni-mani manu turnu-mani; organize, get something ready.

jangurnu(-jangurnu)   nm,. Ngulaji yangka kuja kalu turnu-jarrinjarla nyina warru-kirdi-kirdi manu ngayini jangurnu-jarrinjarla; group together, huddle. With people facing each other.

janyinki   nm.

1 • Ngulaji watiya kuja-ka karri jilkarla-kurlu parlangka-kurluju. Manu jinta-kariji nguru kuja kalu Yurntumurla karlarra manu Mantarinyirla karlarra yirdi-mani; grevillea sp., plant sp.

2 • place name west of Yuendumu. Category: plant, flora, place.

jany-kurlu   nm. spinifex, plant sp. High and dense. See: janpi; marna. Category: plant.

janypilypa   nm. Smoky Gum tree, tree sp. See: walanja. Category: plant.

janyungu   nm. Ngulaji ngarninja-kurlangu parla kulinypa-nyayirni, kuny-kuny-ngarni kalu yapangku manu kunjuru kalu puuly-kijirni mulyu-wana; tobacco. Syn: pama-pardu, ngunju. See: jangkulypa; jungarrayi-jungarrayi; jurnpurnpu; yarunpa. Category: plant.

-japa   cl. whether or not. Pajarni ngulaji yangka kuja kalu yapangku miyi ngurrju-japa, ngawu-japa, yangka linpa miyi lirrangku, wurduju-japa ngawu-japa miyiji. The word pajarni is when people taste food or water with their tongues to see whether or not it tastes ok.

japaku   nm. appetizer, hors d'oeuvres, snack. The portion of the kangaroo which cooks before the main part of the animal and which is eaten first. Category: food, kangaroo.

japaku-kari   nm. next time, next occasion. Syn: japaku-japaku.

japaljarla-kanyi   vc3t. carry astride the hip. Category: carry.

Japaljarri   nm. male skin name. Category: kin, skin name.

Japalyi   nm. young Japaljarri.

Japanangka   nm. male skin name. Category: kin, skin name.

japantarra   nm. Bearded Dragon, lizard sp. Syn: mantalyarrpa. Category: lizard, fauna.

japantarra-   pv. speaking, talking. Category: speak.

japantarra-pinyi   vc3t. talk to someone in a special speech register. Usage: special speech register used between men in certain kinship relationships Category: speak.

Japangardi   nm. male skin name. Category: kin, skin name.

japangardijapangardi   nm. cricket, insect sp. Syn: lirrirnpa. Category: insect.

japara-   pv. eating or drinking while on the move. Category: eat.

japara-kanyi   vc3t.

1 • knock off a piece. Of something by hitting it with a thrown object.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku japara-kanyi miyi marda kuyu marda wita-kari, ngulaji japara-kanyiji, manu kuja-ka karliki japara-kanyi yangka pijiji wita-kari yapa-kurlangu wawarda, ngulanya japara-kanyiji; eat or drink while travelling along. Category: eat.

japarla-parla   nm. chest? Category: body.

japarlka   Variant: japarta.

nm. astride the hip. Category: carry.

japarlkarla-kanyi   vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka kanyi kurdu marda nyiyarlangu marda yapangku warnta-warnta ngurlju-wana; carry astride the hip. Category: carry.

Japayardi   nm. young Japangardi.

japi   nm.

1 • Ngulaji rdilypirrpa ngulya nama-kurlangu manu wardapi-kirlangu, ngulanya japiji, manu pinkirdilypirrpa yukanja-kurlangu; end of anything, entrance. As to a humpy, sugar ant's nest, etc. Syn: ngulya, laja.

2 • knowledgeable ?? Syn: pina.

japi-japi   nm. entwined, twisted around.

japi-jarrimi   vc1i. learn.

japi-mani   vc5t (reflexive). practice.

japirda   nm. small thin yam?, plant sp. Category: plant, flora.

japirdimi   Variant: jamirdimi?.

vs1d. Ngulaji yangka kuja kalurla japirdimi yapaku pakarninjaku kuliki manu kurduyirlangu kurduku yangka wirriyaku; threaten. Ngaju karnarla japirdimi nyampuku jarntuku tarnnga-juku. I will threaten that dog away for good. Japirdi kangku yinya Jungarrayi nyuntuku. Jungarrayi over there is threatening you. Category: law, fight.

japirni   Usage: Warnayaka dialect

vs2t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jarntungku japirni kurdu manu wati manu karnta jarntu-nyanu warlalja milya-pinjarla; ask. Syn: payirni (Ngaliya dialect). Category: speak.

japirnpa   nm.

1 • young girl.

2 • Ngulaji wijini karlapa -kurra-kurlu wita-wangu murru-murru, kajikanpa rurla-rurla jarrimi manu yurnmiji, ngulaji-ka rdulpardi; sore, boil. Syn: karlapa. Category: health, kin.

japirrpa   nm. hymen. See: jalyirrpa Flora. Category: body.

japiya   Usage: Ngaliya dialect

nm. much, big. Syn: wiri (Warnayaka dialect).

japu-japu   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka ngunami warna japu-japu manu kuja-ka ngunami ngurnurru manu jurnarrpa ngunanja-kurlangu; coiled, rolled up, folded up.

japu-japu-mani   vc5t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jinyi-jinyi-mani yapa-kari japu-japu maninjaku nyiyarlanguku jurnarrpaku manu panjaku ngunanja-kurlangu ku; fold up, roll up, coil up.

japunku   nm. kinship term, mother, maternal uncle, aunt of speaker's cousin. Category: kin.

japun-kurlangu   nm. kinship term, pair. One member of which is from the subsection of Ego's MoFa and the other is from Ego's WiMo MoFa, and WiMoBr. Category: kin.

japun-puka   nm. kinship term, cross-cousin, jamirdi bereaved of child. Category: kin.

japunpurru   nm. childless woman, infertile. Kala mardarnu karnta pakuru japunpurru kurdu-wangu, pakuruju karntaju. The pakuru had a childless wife, the pakuru did, the woman. Category: health.

japurlpa   nm.

1 • shovel spear. Spear with metal tip attached. See: kurlarda; warrumpurru. Syn: karrarlirla.

2 • shovel. Category: hunt.

japurta   nm. lizard sp. Category: lizard, fauna.

jara   Variant: jira.

nm. Ngulaji jara maparninjaku miyiki manu wanupurrku yangka kuyu-jangka kipirli-jangka marda marlu-jangka marda ngaya-jangka marda, ngulanya jaraju; fat, butter, margarine, kerosene. Syn: wanupurrku. Category: food.

jarala-   pv. everywhere, anywhere.

jarala-ngunami   Variant: jaala-ngunami.

vc1i. 1 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jarala-ngunami yapa turakirla wurna marda yangka kuja-ka warru wapami wirliya yapa kurdu marda, wiri marda, ngulanya jarala-ngunami; roll about on ground from side to side, toss and turn while asleep.

2 • lie flat.

jarala-nyanyi   Variant: jaala-nyanyi.

vc3t. look up and down, look back and forth.

jarala-yani   Variant: jaala-yani.

vc5i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jarala-yani yapa marda tirakirla wurna marda manu marda yapa jarala-yani wirlinyi wati marda kurdu marda, manu yangka kuja ka warru-yani yapa wiri marda wita marda wirlinyi marda; go back and forth.

jara-parnta   nm. subincised male. Syn: jamparlngarri. Category: kin.

jara-parnta-mani   vc5t. subincise the penis. Syn: ngarrka-kijirni. Category: health.

jararr-   pv. digging.

jararr-piny   vc3t. dig a hole.

jari   nm. Ngulaji yuwurrku watiya panu-jarlu manu marna panu-jarlu yangka kuja ka nyinami nyanungurlaji, ngulanya jariji; scrub country. Syn: yuwurrku.

jarijari-parnka   vc1i. run around in a circle.

jaru   nm. Ngulaji kuja karlipa wangkami ngaripa wirntaru yapa; word, language, story. Usage: Warnayaka dialect Syn: yimi (Ngaliya dialect); wirntaru, ngaripa. Category: speak.

jaru-   pv. digging.

jaru-jaru   nm. downward slope. Syn: rdaka-rdaka.

jaruku-ngarduyu   nm. spokesman, prophet. Category: law, religion.

jarukutu   nm. nine. Syn: kartaku, narntirnki. Category: number.

jaruku-(jaruku)-mani   vc5t. force someone to talk, encourage someone to talk. See: ngari-ngari-wangu. Category: speak.

jaru-mani   vc5t. excavate, dig out. Typically for water.

jaruny-karrimi   vci1. slope downward.

jaruny-pari   nm. Ngulaji yangka walya kanin-jarra-kari pawiyirla manu pirlingka, ngulanya jaruny-pari; downward slope. Syn: jarunypa.

jaruny-winjirni   vc2t. tip downward so that the contents fall out. Syn: jaruny-yirrarni, jaruny-kijirni.

jaruny-yani   vc5i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka nguru jaruny-karri manu walya jaruny-jarunypa kanin-jarra-kari, ngulanya jarun-ypariji; slope downwards, descend. Wati pirlingka jaruny-yanu, ngula jarntu parlu-pungu. As the man descended the hill, he caught sight of the dog.

jaruny-yirrarni   vc2t. tip downward so that the contents fall out. Syn: jaruny-winjirni, jaruny-kijirni.

jaruny(jaruny)pa   nm. downward slope. Syn: jarunypari.

jarda   nm. Ngulaji kuja karlipa ngunami jarda paniya-jarra rdiinpari nyanja-wangu jarda mungangka yapa ngalipa manu nguru-jarrarranpa; sleep.

jarda-jarrimi   vc1i. fall asleep, sleep.

jardalyunku   nm. late sleeper, sleepyhead.

jardalyunku-mani   vc5t. make drowsy.

jardangku-pinyi   vc3t. become sleepy, sleep. Lit: sleep-strike

jarda-ngunami   vc1i. be asleep, sleep. Jardangku kaju pinyilki ngajulu. I am feeling sleepy.

jarda-walara-walara   nm. nighttime, dead of night.

jarda-wantimi   vc1i. fall asleep, sleep.

jarda-wangu   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa wapami warru jarda-wangu manu nyinami jarda-wangu. Manu kuja-ka warrarda warlkurru mani jarntu mungangku, ngulanya jarda-wanguju; sleepless, insomnia.

jarda-yirrarni   vc2t. put to sleep.

Jardiwanpa   nm. ceremony, celebrating the travels of snake ancestor. Category: ceremony.

-jardu   cl. in exchange for NOUN.

jarla   Usage: Ngaliya dialect

av. again. Yanu...jarla yanu-yijala. He went and went, again he kept on going. Syn: -yijala.

jarla   nm. honey ant. Syn: yurrampi. Category: insect, ant, fauna.

jarla-jarla-jarrimi   vc1d. surround.

jarlajirrpi   nm. Owlet Nightjar, bird sp. Category: bird.

jarlalpal-wardu-karrimi   vc1i. lay over top of, lie on stomach.

jarlapa-karrimi   Variant: jarlaparl-karrimi??.

vc1i. lie prone, face downward.

jarla-rdapu   nm. hot-tempered, bossy, overbearing, speechless with anger, person with an authoritative manner. One word from such a person is enough.

jarla-wana-wana   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka ngunami ngapa wiri manu wantiki karrungka jingi-jingi kuja-ka walya muku muru-pinyi ngapangku ngulanya karnalu ngarrirni jarla-wana-wanaji; wide, width, breadth. Jarla-wana-wana-nyayirni ngapaji. The water covers a large area.

jarli-kanyi   vc3t. Jarli-kanyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku kankarlurlu kanja-yani miyi marda, pakujurla, manu nyiyarlangu kankarlurlu jimantarla, kuyu marda; carry lifted up on shoulders. Syn: jija-kanyi, laja-kanyi.

Jarliri   place in desert.

jarlirli-pinyi   vc3t. knock down.

jarlji   Usage: Warnayaka dialect

nm. Ngulaji wurlkurna-piya-yijala wita purr-uparnta kanin-jarra-ka pangirni ngulyaji, manu-ka mardarni purruju kardirri marntanmarntanpa-nyayirni purlturlu-wanaju, walyarra-wana kalu nyinami pangirninjarla; frog. Syn: ngarnngi (Ngaliya dialect); purru-parnta. Category: frog, fauna.

jarlki-martarni   vc2t. strike a blow. Category: hit.

jarlku   nm. bandicoot. Syn: walpajirri. Category: animal, fauna.

jarlparrpa   nm. Ngulaji miyi wanakiji-piya, miyi tardu-tardu kardirri, miyi manangkarra-ngawurrpa ngurrju-nyayirni wanakiji-piya; Wild Bush Tomato, plant sp. Solanum diversiflorum. See: wanakiji. Category: plant, fauna.

jarlupala   nm. snake sp. Pseudonaja textilis. Category: snake, fauna.

jarlu(-pardu)   nm. old man. Syn: tirna, purlka, pariwanpa.

jarna-kanyi   vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja karla wangkami wati nyanungu-parntaku kali-nyanuku kuja, 'Nyampu murrku jarna-kangka nyuntuju, ngaju karna nyalali jarna kanyi kankarlurlu.'; carry on shoulders. Syn: jakurr-kanyi. Category: carry.

jarna-mani   vc5t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka ngati-nyanurlu jarna-mani kurdu nyanungu-nyangu japarlka-kurra, ngula kuja-ka kanyi nyanungu-nyangu kankarlurlulku nyanungu-nyangu kurdu ngati-nyanurlu; lift up onto the shoulders. Category: carry.

Jarnami   nm. Tanami Desert area. Category: place.

jarnarru-jarrimi   vc1i. sit cross-legged. As people in the front during sorry business. Jarnarru-jarrinjarla parntarrunjunu kamparrurla Jesus-kiji. Syn: jarntalypa-jarrimi. Category: ceremony.

jarnga-jarnga-wapami   vc1i. walk duck-footed.

jarnimirri   nm. kinship term, mother, maternal uncle, maternal aunt of speaker's mother. Category: kin.

jarnimirrirlangu   nm. kinship term, pair. One of which is in the subsection of Ego's Mo and the other is in that of Ego's MoMo. Category: kin.

jarn-jarn-pakarni   vc2t. cut, slice, hack, chop into pieces. Nganangku nyampuju kuyu jarn-jarn-pakarnu winkirrparlu, ngarra nyampuju ngurrju-jala yampiyalu winkirrpa-wangurlu, kuyu palkarni. Hey, who cut of a piece of this meat, the blighter? Leave some, it's still good. Category: cut.

jarn-jarn(pa)-   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

pv. bits, pieces, slices.

jarn-karrimi   vc1i. be with legs up.

jarnku   nm. separately. Jarnku yungka-palangu. Give those two one each. Syn: jarnku-jarnku.

jarnku-   pv. distributive over.

jarnkumarra   nm. abreast of, side by side.

jarnku-nyinami   vc1i. sit apart from, sit separately from.

jarnku-pardimi   vc1i. branch, fork, bifurcate.

jarnku-pinyi   vc3t. hit each other. Category: hit, fight.

jarnku-yani   vc5i. Ngulaji yangka kuja kapala jarnku-yani yapa-jarra manu tiraki-jarra yuwarli-jarra-kurra manu nguru-kari-jarra-kurra, manu kuja kapala yapa-jarra jarnku yani wirlinyi kuyuku-purda mungalyurru-wana; go separately.

jarnnga-jarnnga(-)   nm/pv. legs apart.

jarnngi   nm. Ngulaji mangarri pajirninja-warnu kuja-ka yangka nguna wita-kari wita-kari pajirninja-warnu manu kuyu pajirninja-warnu, ngulanya jarnngi; piece of, quartered section of.

jarnngi-mani   vc5t. quarter. As of a beef.

jarn-nyinami   vc1i. crouch.

jarnpa   nm. Ngulaji yapa kuja-ka wapa warru mungangka pakarninjaku-ngarnti yapa-kariki-ngarnti linjarrpaku-ngarnti, ngulanya jarnpaji; kurdaitcha man. Category: ceremony.

jarnpa-jarnpa   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka laju-jangka manu yipilanji-jangka manu purntalji-jangka manu pirrpirnpa-jangka manu ngarlkirdi-jangka laju pinkirrpa-kurlu-jarri manu rduul-pardimi yangka watiya-kari watiykari-jangka, laju; moth, witchetty grub sp. Syn: pampama. Category: insect, fauna.

jarnpirri   nm. Ngulaji kuja-ka nyinami yapa mirriji-jarra japu-japu manu wanarri-jarra wantiki jarnpirri; cross-legged. Jarnpirri-nyinaya! Sit there cross-legged!

jarntalypa-jarrimi   vc1i. sit cross-legged. Syn: jarnarru-jarrimi.

jarntarr-jarntarr-nyinami   vc1i. be big, outsized.

jarntarr-pardimi   vc1i.

1 • swell. As a bruise.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa jarntarr-pardimi wijini pakarninja-wangu yangka puyu-puyu, ngulanya jarntarr-pardimiji.

3 • kneel down.

4 • burp? Category: health.

jarntarru   nm. kneeling.

jarntarruntarru-yani   vc5i. shuffle along on one's knees.

jarntarru-pirri-mani   vc5i. kneel.

jarntimarra   nm. star. Maybe Mars. Category: star, nature.

jarntimi   vc1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jarntimi yapa marda jarntu marda wanarri jinta-ngurlu wanarri ngawu manu marda wirliya ngawu manu marda wanarri pantirninja-warnu; limp. Category: health.

jarntin-jarntiny-wapami   vc1i. walk favoring one foot.

jarntinja-yani   vc5i. limp.

jarntinyjarntiny(pa)-   pv. limping, lame.

jarntirni   vc2t.

1 • sculpt, carve, whittle, shave, trim, scratch.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka watingki jarntirni karli manu parraja palya-kurlurlu manu kuja-ka jarntirni walya karli-kirlirli ngurra yarlu-karda ngunanjaku yapangku; scrape clear. As of a place to sit on the ground. Syn: pirrkirni. Category: cut.

jarntu   nm.

1 • Ngulaji yumurru-kurlu manu wirliya-patu-kurlu jarntuju manu langa kirrirdi-jarra-kurlu jarntuju. Yapangku manu kardiyarlu kalu-jana mardarni yuwarli-wana manu ngurra-wana; dog. Syn: maliki, kuna-palya, punpulu, wujuju.

2 • wife. nyuntuku jarntu your wife. Category: animal, fauna, kin.

jarntu-   pv. more of, additional.

jarnturn-karrimi   vc1i. stand with one's head bowed.

jarnturn-wantimi   vc1i. bow one's head.

jarntu-yirrarni   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

vc2. 1 • get a companion for yourself.

2 • get more of, repeat.

3 • Ngulaji yangka kuja kajana yapangku watingki manu karntangku maniyi mani manu yaja-yajarni yangka jarntu marda panu-jarlu, yangka wati marda panu-jarlu karntangkuju. Manu yangka watingki marda karnta panu-jarlu; remarry, get more of something. Syn: yupukarra-jarrimi. Category: kin.

jarra   nm. flame, tongue of fire, light.

-jarra   ns. two. Category: number.

jarra-jarra   nm. pebble, small stone.

jarra-jarralypa   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka nyinami yapa kutu wangkanja-panu yapangka kulkurrirni-panu manu yangka yapangka kutu wangkanjapanu, jarra-jarralypaju; talkative person, person who speaks with confidence.

jarra-jarra-yani   vc5i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa warlu-kurlu rdili-kirli yaninja-yani ngurra-kurra nyanungu-nyangu-kurra, yangka mungangka ngurrakari-jangka, karnta marda, wati marda, warlu-kurlu; go along with a fire, torch or lamp for light, protection.

jarraly-kanyi   vc3?.

1 • speak frankly, confidently or boldly to someone without fear or reservation, particularly about what is on their mind. See: rdarrkanpa; miyiki-nyanyi.

2 • give permission, grant permission to, permit. Jarraly-kanyi kapalarla ngatinyanu manu jajinyanu kurdu wiriki yungulu puuly-mardarni kurdijikingarnti. The mother and father give permission for them to catch hold of the grown child for initiation.

3 • sing out all of a sudden when someone or something approaches, draw attention to something, talk to. Jurlpungku jarraly-kangu minija wapanja-kurra. The bird started to sing out because he saw the cat coming up. Category: speak.

jarralyku   nm. Ngulaji walya parlparla manu yarlu-yarlu kuja-ka karru lawa-jarri, ngulanya jarralykuju; floodplain. Category: nature.

jarraly-pinyi   vc3t. give permission, grant permission to, permit, agree for. Syn: jarraly-(w)angkami. Category: speak.

jarralyu-jarralyu   nm. animal sp.? Category: animal, fauna.

jarraly-(w)angkami   vc1i. Ngulaju yangka ngampurrpa kuja karla nyinami kurdu nyanungu-nyanguku kurdijirlaku yirrarninjaku manu pakarninjaku; grant permission for, allow. Category: speak.

jarraly-(w)angkami   vc1i. Ngulaju yangka ngampurrpa kuja karla nyinami kurdu nyanungu-nyanguku kurdijirlaku yirrarninja manu pakarninjaku; permit, grant permission to. Category: speak.

jarra-mani   vc5t. ignite.

jarrampayi   nm. Ngulaji kuyu wita-wangu wardapi-piya, nyina kalu karrungka pirnti-pirnti manu kirdirrpa-wana kuyu ngurrju; lizard sp., varanus species. Category: lizard, fauna.

-jarrangku   bp. us (two, exclusive). Nyanyi kajarrangku. He is looking at the two of us (but not at you to whom I am speaking).

jarra-pardimi   vc1i. ignite, burst into flames, light up. As of an electric light. Syn: papimi.

jarrara   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

pv separable. overtaking, coming close, near.

jarrara-mani   vc5t. overtake someone or something.

jarrarda   nm. lover, marriage, elopement y-kanyi.

vc3t. Ngulaji kuja-ka watingki kamina jarrarda-kanyi karnta nyanungu-nyangu warlalja yinja-warnu waku-jarra-ngurlu nyanungu-nyangu-kurra ngurra-kurra jarrardarlu; marry, elope with, claim one's wife, by force if necessary, take and make love to. Category: kin.

jarrarlal-karrimi   vc1i. stand with legs spread.

jarrarlarl-   pv. outstretched legs.

jarrarlpa   nm. Ngulaji ngulya manu larra pirlingka manu pirnkingka witangkarra ngulya, ngulanya jarrarlpaju; crack, crevice, fissure, overhang, rock shelter, gap. As between two large rocks. Category: nature.

jarrarlpa-jarra   nm. Yirdiyi-jarra kuja kapala jarnku karlirr-yani jinta-ngurlu yirdiyi-ngirli manu ngulya-ngurlu; fork, turn-off, burrow, having two entrances. Syn: parlpirr-kirlangu.

jarra-warnu   nm.

1 • Ngulaji jurlpu wiri-pardu tiyi-tiyi-piy-ayijala mawurlpari mawurlpari kuja-ka purlami munga-wana; magpie lark, bird sp.

2 • Ngulaji yapa kuja-ka purlami jarra-warnu nyanunguku-purdangka-kurlangu rla kurdijirla, ngulanya jarra-warnuju; ceremonial workers, one's classificatory brothers who assist during the initiation ceremonies, senior brother of an initiate, senior sister of an initiate, kinship term, elder brother of deceased. Category: bird, fauna, ceremony, kin.

jarra-yinyi   vc3t. ignite, kindle, light a fire.

jarru   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. intestines. Syn: jawu-jawu. Category: body, health.

jarrurlu-jarrurlu   Variant: jarurlu-jarurlu.

nm. green parrot sp., bird sp. Category: bird.

jarrwara   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa yani jarrwara yirdiyi-karirla yirdiyi jungarni-ngirli manu kuja-ka nguna yirdiyi jarrwara-kari manu wa-rntarlakari yapa-kar-iwana yapa-wang-uwana; astray, wrong. Syn: kuja-purda-kari, warntarla. Category: law.

jarrwarakari   nm. astray, wrong direction.

jarrwara-yani   vc5i. go astray.

jartawarri   nm. tree sp. Category: plant, flora.

jartirimin-   Variant: jartiripin-.

pv. arc.

jartiripin-karrimi   Variant: jartirimin-karrimi.

vc1i. arc-shaped.

jarturnantirni   vc2i. tuck inward one's head between the shoulders. Kala kuja kajikaji mirnirri jarturnantinja-kurra pakarni. But when I the mountain devil pull my head back between my shoulders, he might hit me.

jarturn-karri   vc1i. bow one's head.

jata   nm. handle. As of a spearthrower. See: jatarla. Category: hunt.

jata-nyanyi   vc3t.

1 • desire eagerly.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku jata-nyanyi miyiki-purdarlu manu maniyiki-purdarlu manu watingki manu karntangku kuja kalu jata-nyanyi pamaku-purdarlu kuja kalu wangka, 'Wara! Kajirna ngarni pama-nyaju jalangurlu.' Kujarlunya kalu jata-nyanyi; become excited about, agitated over, upset, concerned.

3 • come quickly to the aid of someone. See: ngampa-ngampa.

jataruku   nm. Ngulaji kuja-ka yapa nyinami kulinypa wita, kajika nyinami wurulypa wita wangkanjarla yirdija jataruku yangka wangkanja-wangu jatarukuju; stubborn, bullheaded, hot-tempered. Syn: tarna-tarna.

jatarla   nm. handle. As of spearthrower. See: jata; kampula; miri; mutu; purrurdu; warda. Category: hunt.

jatipiji   nm. tree sp. See: wijilypi. Category: plant, flora.

jatirli   nm. saddle.

jatu-jatu   nm. Jatu-jatu, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka nyinami yapa marrpaju-marrpaju. Yapa kuluku-kuluku-maninja wita-wangu manu yapa jiliwirri-maninja wita-wangu, yapa winkirrpa, manu maju-maju yaarrpari; trouble(maker), bothersome person, humbug, nuisance. Jatu-jatu-wangu nyinaya! Don't make trouble, humbug! Syn: marrpaju-marrpaju, winkirrpa, yaarrpari.

jatungku-nyinami   vc1i. sit with head bowed, not looking around.

jatu-pardimi   vc1i. Ngulaji kuja karla jatu-pardi yapa pamaku manu kuyuku purranja-warnuku ngarninjaku, kuja-ka wangka, 'Nyampuju karnarla jatu-pardi kuyuku ngarninjaku.'; advance towards, approach.

nm. after that. Syn: ngula-jangka. Jawajardu-julpa mari-jarrija yangka warlamarra-manulpalu.

jawaji-kanyi   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa-kari pakarninjarla jawaji-kanyi kulungku, kalaka marda pakarni yalirli jinta-karirli; hit and run away. Syn: jangka-kanyi.

jawaji-mardarni   vc2t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka kulungku pakarni yapa-kari yapa-karirli jinta-karirli, ngula-kunya-ka nyampuju jaru wangkami.Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa-kari pakarninjarla wuruly-yanirra tarnnga-juku yalala-yirrarninja-wangu, ngulaju-ka tarnnga-juku yanirra, manu-ka jawaji-mardarni tarnngangku-juku yalala-yirrarninja-wangurlu; hit someone and stay away to avoid payback, avoid apologizing or saying sorry, unrepentant. Syn: jangka-mardarni.

Jawalarra   place in desert.

jawalyarri   nm. spinifex grass, plant sp. Beside waterholes or trees which emerges after fires. Category: grass, plant, flora.

jawarti   nm. tomorrow. Syn: jukurra. Category: time.

jawiji   nm. kinship term, mother's father. Syn: jamirdi. From: Gurindji. Category: kin.

jawinji   nm. rabbit bandicoot, bilby. Syn: walpajirri. Category: animal, fauna.

jawirdi   nm. bandicoot. Category: animal, fauna.

jawirdiki   nm. same place, stay put, at home.

av. staying away from, avoiding.

jawirnti-   pv. tossing upwards, throwing upwards.

jawirnti-pinyi   vc3t. throw upwards, toss upwards.

jawirri-   pv. leaving behind.

jawirri-kijirni   vc2t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku jawirri-kijirni kuyu purranja-wangurlu manu maninja-wangurlu tarnnga; throw aside and leave it.

jawirri-nyinami   vc1i. sit idly, alone. Waiting for nothing in particular.

jawirri-purrami   vc1t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jawirri-purrami yapangku kuyu manu miyi ngarninja-wangurlu manu kuja kajana jawirri-mani pama yapa-kariki ngarninja-wangurlu nyanungurlu watingki; cook and leave it until done.

jawu-jawu   nm. large intestines. Syn: jarru. Category: body.

jawuru   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja karlajinta jawuru-jarri ngati-nyanuku kurdu maniyiki manu miyi ngati-nyanuku kuja-ka wangkami, 'Lawarnangkurla, mardaka-nyanu.' Ngulanya jawuruju; upset, because of an unfulfilled expectation. Jawuru kaju nyina ngaju-kuju tiyi-ngirli. He's upset because I drank all the tea.

jaya   nm. Ngulaji yangka nyiya-kanti-kanti miyi manu jurnarrpa yangka panu-jarlu kaji yangka nguna miyi ngarninjaku manu kaji ngunami jurnarrpa; plentiful, an abundance, lots of.

jaya-jardu   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka panuku-palangu jaya-kurra-jardu nyinami marda karnta marda wati; man or woman possessing many children. Category: kin.

jaya-jarri   vc1I. become plentiful, many.

jaya-jaya   nm. all, each and every one.

jaya-kurra   nm. lots of, many of, abundance of.

jayapi   nm. meat. Usage: part of avoidance vocabulary Syn: kuyu. Usage: Ngaliya dialect

jayarnarra   nm. plenty.

jayimpirr-pardimi   vc1i. sing out joyfully, rejoice. Syn: yanarr-purlami.

jayingu   Usage: Eastern dialect

pv. with. Syn: jirrnganja, yirrkinypa.

jayirr-mani   vc5t. swoop down and snatch. As of a bird after prey.

jayi-wangkami   vc1i. reject, write-off someone completely.

jiil-yirrarni   vc2t. insert upright into the ground as of a crowbar when hunting, stab with a knife so that the blade sticks out. Category: hunt.

jiilyki   nm. deaf, heedless. Syn: warungka. Category: health.

jiily-palimi   vc1i.

1 • sleep with head down.

2 • outlive the members of one's generation.

3 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka kutu-maninjarla marda mutika wuruly-kanyi manu marda karla yuranypa yapa-kariki marda jurnta-kanyi manu marda jinta-kariji yangka jarlu-pardu wati marda ngulangkuju kuja-ka marda karntarlangu wita rdakurl-yirrarnu, ngula-kunya kalu nyampuju yimi wangkami milpa jiily-palimilki; do something wrong, without permission.

4 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa nyinami jipa-jipa-wangu manu kurlurr-kurlurrpawangu yapa yangka nyurnu-wali-wali manu ngurrju-wangu; be listless, feel listless, feeling of lifelessness, feeling where a person is not doing anything, no life in him, as if dead though not sick. Ant: jipa-jipa, kurlurr-kurlurrpa. Category: health.

jiily(pa)-   pv. lifeless, listless, no energy.

jiipi-jiipi   nm. Jiipi-jiipi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka ngapa wantimi wanapi-wanapi-wangu, manu pirrjirdi-wangu, wita-wita-nyayirni -ngapa ngurungurlu, yangka kuluwa marda, pirriyarla, manu yukurirla marda, ngapa; drizzle. Category: nature.

jiipi-jiipi-wantimi   vc1i. drizzle. As of rain. Jiipi-jiipi-ka wanti. It's drizzling. Category: nature.

jija   nm. neck and shoulder area of body. Category: body.

jija-kanyi   vc3t. carry on shoulders. Syn: jarla-kanyi, laja-kanyi. Category: carry.

jija-mani   vc5t. kinship term, adult female speaker calls adult junior male sibling this, call one's second son jija, as a mother might do. 'A woman has a second son, but also she has a big son, that means the younger brother has a big brother or sister.'. Syn: jijarnta-mani. Category: kin.

jijami   vc1d.

1 • overcome by, overwhelmed by, defeated by.

2 • tease, pick on, incite.

3 • happen upon, meet unexpectedly.

jija-mirni-mirni   nm. fight.

Jijamurrunma   place in desert. Category: fight.

jijanu   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa yani jijanu ngurra-kari ngurra-kari-kirra yapa warlalja-kurra manu yapa-kari-kirra jijanu yapa; visit.

jijanu-wapami   vc1i. visit.

jijardu   nm. yam flower. See: yarla; jinjirla; paparda; puurda; yaljirrpa. Category: plant, flora.

jijarni   vs2t. desist, discover, see or notice something and leave it with the intention of coming back for it later, survey a place or area in regards to its suitability for habitation.

jijarnta-mani   nm. kinship term, adult female speaker calls adult junior male sibling this, call one's second son jijarnta, as a mother might do. Syn: jija-mani. Category: kin.

jiji   nm.

1 • horse. Usage: baby talk Syn: timana, nantuwu.

2 • bird. Usage: baby talk Syn: jurlpu, yaparranji. Category: animal, bird.

jijiji   nm. puppy. Category: animal.

jijily-   pv. on tiptoe.

jijily-karrimi   vc1i. stand on tiptoes.

jijilypa   nm. scissors.

jiji-pinyi   vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja kanyanu yapangku jiji-pinyi miyiki maninjaku maniyi-wangurlu japungkaku, manu yapaku yangka kulinypaku yangka yapa-karirli pakarninjaku, 'Kajikaji pinyi kajilparna jangkalku pakakarla.'; try and fail. Nyampuju karnaji jiji-pinyi, ngajulurluju kularna nyarrpa-mani. I'm trying to do this, but how am I going to do this? Jiji-pinyi karnaju nyarrparna wangka. I don't know what to say.

jijirni   vc2t. tease.

jiji(ly)-jijily-wapami   vc1i. walk on tiptoe.

jika   nm. wallaby sp. Category: animal, fauna, wallaby.

jika-jika   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja karla karnta jika-jika-jarrimi wati-kari-kirli nyanungu-parntaku manu kuja karla jika-jika jurnta-parnkami karnta wati-kari-kirra punku nyanjarla ngurrju-kurra wati-kirra karntaju; forsaking, betraying. Jika-jika mayinparla jurnta-yani Jampijinpaku? Did you forsake and go away from Jampijinpa?

jika-jika-jarrimi   vc1i. betray, turn against. Syn: warrkirinyi-jarrimi, warnapari-jarrimi. Category: law.

jikani-yinyi   vc3t. shake hands. Jikanilpa-lurla yungu They shook hands with him. Syn: rdaka-yinyi.

jikarr-pajirni   vc2t. tease, make jokes about, provoke to anger. Syn: mayirri-yirri-mani.

jila   nm. waterfall, spring. Category: nature.

jili-jili   nm. Ngulaji kuyu wardapi-piya ngirnti puturru-puturrupa kuyu ngurrjunya, ngunami-ka wilypirirla manu ngulyangka; lizard sp. Syn: nyinjirri. Category: lizard, fauna.

jililypa   nm.

1 • quartered ??

2 • ??? When a woman of a husband goes to her mother's house. The mother says, ‘Go back to son-in-law.’ Not allowed to call his name.

jilimi   nm. Ngulaji karnta-kurlangu ngurra yangka kuja kajana karrimi karnta-mipaku ngurra jilimiji; unmarried women's camp.

jilimi-jilimi   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka karnta wapami wati-wangu manu kuja-ka nyinami wati-wangu kulkurru-kulkurru nyanungu-kari; single woman, unmarried woman, widow, virgin? Category: kin.

jiliwirri   nm. silly person, funny person, double talk (men's secret).

jiliwirri-mani   vc5t. mock, laugh at.

jiliwirrimi   vs1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja kalu-nyanu yapa yangka yarlpurru-kari-kirlangu jiliwirrimi manyungku yapangku watingki manu karntangku kurdijirla manu yangka yirdi malirlangu-jarrarlu; tease. Syn: jiliwirri-mani, manyu-pinyi.

jilja   nm. sandhills. Category: nature.

jilja-marra-marra   nm. sandhill country. Category: nature.

jiljana   nm. smoke?

jiljirla   Variant: jinjirla?.

nm. flower? See: ngalurrpu. Category: plant.

jilkaja   nm. ceremonial traveller. Normally men coming for sacred business. Category: ceremony.

jilka-marda   nm. spiny anteater. Syn: jilka-parnta. Category: animal, fauna.

jilka-parnta   nm. spiny anteater. Syn: jilka-marda. Category: animal, fauna.

jilkarla   nm.

1 • thorn, bindy-eyes. Syn: jiri, paka.

2 • six. Category: number.

Jilpirli   nm. Jilpirli Hills. Sacred area 30 miles south of Lamjamanu. Category: place.

jilwirli???   nm. blue-tongue, lizard sp. Category: lizard, fauna.

jilyi   nm. dust cloud. Category: nature.

jilyi-jilyi   nm. frost. Category: nature.

jilyirr-nyinami   vc1d. crowded into, crammed into, block one thing from another.

jilyirr-pari   nm. Ngulaji yangka kurdu marda, karnta marda, wati marda punku-nyayirni manu maju-nyayirni manu ngawu-ngawu-nyayirni yangka nyiya-kanti-kanti maju-maninja-panu yangka kuja kalu kuruwarri marda rdilyki-pinyi manu maju mani, manu yangka kuja kalu-jana kutu pakarni mii-mii-nyanja-wangurlu yapa-karirlangu warrurarlangu manu watiya-karirlangu yapa-kari jilyirr-parirli; desecrator, lawbreaker, rebel, sinner, thoughtless person, inconsiderate. Category: law, religion.

jily-ngarrirni   vc2b. introduce to, point at, accuse. Kari-nganta ngajuju yinyi-paturlu-julu ngarrka-paturlu jiily-ngarrurnu mardukuju-jangka-kula. Category: law.

jily-nyinami   vc1i. radiate brightly, shine in a diffused manner. As of sunlight through clouds.

jilypari-jilypari   Variant: jirlpari-jirlpari.

nm. multi-colored, spotted. As of a leopard.

jilypi-   pv. attaching.

jilypirrpa   nm. boomerang. Category: hunt.

jilypi-yirrarni   vc2t. join, connect, hook together, insert.

jily(-jily)-kijirni   vc2t. stand it erect. As of a post or stake. Syn: juka(-juka)-yirrarni.

jily-(jily)-ngarrirni   vc2t. Kamparru milpa jily-ngarrirninjaku-ngarntirli, yaninjarla yapa-kari maninjingka, manu yapa jirramarlangu. Ngula-jangka, panungku nyurrurlarlu yingankulu ngula yapa milpa jily-ngarrirni; accuse.

jimanpaku   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. try, attempt, challenge. Used when the person knows that he is better at doing something than the other person.

jimanta   nm. shoulder. Category: body.

jimanypa   nm. firesaw. Syn: kurru.

jimany(pa)-luwarni   vc2t. ignite a fire with friction firesaw. Syn: jimany(pa)-pinyi.

jimany(pa)-pinyi   vc3t. ignite a fire using a friction firesaw. Syn: jimany(pa)-luwarni.

jimarri   nm. circumciser. Syn: yarlpurru.

jimirli   nm. moustache. Category: body.

jimpila   nm. dangerous object? Syn: yarda.

jimpirla   nm. speartip. Syn: yinyka. Category: hunt.

jina-   pv. caring for.

jina-jina   nm. dress.

jina-mardarni   vc2t. stay with, care for. Syn: warra[warra-kanyi, nyangu[nyangu-mani, nyangu-nyangu-mardarni.

jinanturu-jarrinja-yani   vc5i. skip.

jinarn-   pv. tripping.

jinarn-jinarn-wapami   vc1i. hop on one leg, walk stiff-legged.

jinarn-kijirni   vc2t. trip, throw over, cause to fall.

jinarn-pakarni   vc2t. knock over completely or lengthwise.

jinarn-wantimi   vc1i. trip over.

jinarn(-jinarn)-wapami   vc1i. walk with a stiff leg, hop on one leg.

jini   vc5t. scold, reprimand, growl at, tell off.

jinirrpa   nm.

1 • diarrhea.

2 • name of bore west of Yuendumu. Category: health, place.

jinirrpa-karlimi   vc1i. have diarrhea. Category: health.

jinji-marlu-marlu   nm.

1 • butterfly, insect sp.

2 • airplane. Category: insect, fauna.

jinjininja-palka   nm. coercer.

jin-jinpa   nm. errand, work, favor.

jin-jinpa-mani   vc5t. get something by request. Category: speak.

jin-jin-yinyi   vc3t. tell someone to go and get something. Category: speak.

jinjin(pa)-   pv. obtaining in another's favor, request. Category: speak.

jinjira-mani   vc5t. affix, reattach. Wapirra-kurlangurlu kaja-nyanurlu langalku jinjira-manu. The Father's son reattached the ear.

jinjirla   nm.

1 • flower, bloom, blossom. See: jijardu; mardukuru; ngapa-jimpi; yurrkulju.

2 • bushy tail clump from rabbit bandicoot (walpajirri) used as body decoration.

3 • headdress. Made of flowers and worn by women in ceremonies. Syn: jinjilka, kulanja. See: walu-warnu; yiriwarra. Category: plant, flora, fauna, ceremony.

jinjirlka   nm. tassled. As of the tail of a rabbit bandicoot used for body decoration. See: jinjirla.

jinjirl-pari   nm. tassled.

jinjirri   nm. shrub sp. Croton arnhemicus. Category: plant, flora.

jinjirr-nyanyi   vc3t. abandon, neglect, ignore, stop trying to do something, give up, quit. Yanurna turaki-kirliji, yukajarna parljungka, ngularna puta wilypi-manu, lawa-juku, jinjirr-nyangurna. I went with the truck, got bogged, tried to pull it out, and finally gave up.

jinji-warnu   nm. crimson chat, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

jinka-jinka   nm. plant sp. Category: plant, flora.

jinkaly-pardimi   Variant: jingkaly-pardimi.

vc1i. terrified, scared. With hair raised up on end.

jinkami   vc1t. Jinkami, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka karntangku ngati-nyanurlu kurdu waku-jarra-ngurlu warru wilily-kanyi, kuja-ka yangka wapanjaku ngurrju-mani wita kurdu, murnma-juku wapanja-kuju, yangka kuja-ka ngati-nyanurlu kanyi warru rdaka-jarra-ngurlu manu kuja-ka kurdu warru-wapami rdarrkanparla; lend support, prop up, lead, assist to walk. As of a mother helping an infant. Syn: jirri-kanyi. Ngati-nyanurlu karla kurduku nyanungu-nyanguku warru jinkami. The mother is helping the child walk around.

jinmirrpa   nm. tears. Category: body, health.

jinngardi   nm. kinship term, father's mother (older). Category: kin.

jinngardi-puka   nm. kinship term. Woman of FaSi's subsection who is bereaved of child. Category: kin.

jinngardirlangu   nm. kinship term, pair. In which one person is a female in the subsection of Ego's Fa and the other in that of Ego's cross-cousin. Category: kin.

jinpirr-wantimi   vc1i. become bogged. Syn: jinpirr-yukami.

jinpirr-yukami   vc1i. become bogged. Syn: jinpirr-wantimi.

jinta   nm. one, alone, same as, equivalent, solitary, single-handed, unique, together, single, same. Manu ngamaji ngulaji rduju manu karlarni-ngirnti, jinta ngama-juku.

jinta-jarrimi   vc1i. unite, congregate together, gather, foregather, meet, assemble.

jinta-jintaku   av. Jinta-jintaku, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku kuyu mani jintaku-jintaku warrarda, yangka kuyu warrarda ngarninja-wangurlu. Manu yangka kuja-ka karnta jurnta-parnkanja-panu ngumparna-nyanurlu pakarni warrarda, jintaku-jintaku, yangka wiinkiyi-kiyi-wangurlu. Manu parra-jingi-jingi-wangurlu, manu munga-pirtirawurawu-wangurlu; repeatedly? Syn: japaku-kari.

jinta-kari   nm. another, someone, something, the other, one, different one.

jinta-kari-jinta-kari   nm. each, each one : every one, each and every, one by one.

jintaku   nm. once, one time.

jintaku-jintaku   nm. one by one, each time, every time, from time to time, occasionally, now and then, sometimes.

jintaku-karirla   nm. sometimes, another time, sometimes, one time.

jintaku-marrarni   nm. all, the whole lot, the lot, every one, en-masse. Syn: jinta-warlayi.

jinta-mani   vc5t. assemble, unify, join together, gather, join, make whole. Syn: kuju-mani.

jinta-marri-marri   nm. together, at same place.

jinta-mirni-mirni   nm. on each side of, on opposite sides of, from different directions, same, level, equi-distant.

jinta-ngarna   free person.

jintangka   nm. together, at same place.

jinta-ngurlu-kari   nm. from another direction.

jinta-ngurlu-kurra   nm. singleminded, one way, uni-directional.

jinta-ngurlu-kurra-wangu   nm. every which way, higgledy-piggledy, not one way, all over the place, every which way.

jinta-rarra-rarra   av. erupting, spurting, gushing. Exploding upwards as of a gusher of water or as of a fiery volcano.

jinta-rarra-rarra-pardimi   vc1i. bubble up, spurt out.

jintarna-jintarna   nm. single person, a loner, alone.

jinta-wangu   nm. lots of, very many, in great numbers.

jinta-warlayi   nm. all, the whole lot, lot, every. Syn: jintaku-marrarni.

jinta-warnu   nm. one and the same.

jinta-yirriri   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa nyinami yirdiyi-jinta ngurrju-nyayirni wati warrura-wangu karnta-wangu jinta-ngurlu-kurra karnta jungarni-ngawurrpa manu kirlka-nyayirni; righteous. Syn: yirdiyi-jinta. Category: law, religion.

jinti   nm. vagina. Syn: ngirirrpa. Category: body.

jintilyka   nm. grasshopper, insect sp. Syn: mikala. Category: insect, fauna.

jinti-parnta   nm. edible fungi, truffle (native). Appears during winter rains. Category: flora.

jintirr-jintirrpa   nm. willy wagtail, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

-jingi   ns. through the entirety of. As in throughout a period of time. parra-jingi parra-jinga manu mungangka-jingi mungangka-jingi all day and all night. Category: time.

jingi-jingi   av. straight through, bisecting.

jingi-jingi-kari   av. right past something.

jingi-jingi-yani   vc1i. go straight through, cross over.

jingkaly-jingkalypa   nm.

1 • warrior, fierce fighter.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa wangkami manyu-karra manyu-karra; funny person, talkative, person who talks too much, funny bloke. Category: fight.

jingkaly-pari   nm. hair standing on end, fur standing on end. Category: body.

jingkaly(pa)-   pv. terrified, scared.

jingkarli   nm. proud. Ngula-warnuju kajikarnaju pulka-pinja-yani jingkarlirli-nganta.

jingkarli-jarrimi   vc1i. boast, be proud. Ngulangku kaju warla-pajirni jingkarli-kijaku, kajikarna jingkarli-jarri.

jingkarr-jingkarrpa   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka kulu-parnta yapa nyinami; fierce fighter, warrior. Category: fight.

jingki   nm. fibula. Small bone from kangaroo which men use to pierce their noses. Category: body, kangaroo.

jingkirrpa   nm. rod. Typically used cermonially to divine the murderer. Jarra-warnurlu-ka nyurnu miyalu pantirni jingkirrparlu warlu-jangkarlu. Ngulaju-ka parnka-parnta purlami. Ngaka-ka nyurnu-jarrimilki. The senior brother (of the deceased) pierces the stomach of the deceased with a heated rod. The murderer calls out and later he dies. Category: law, religion.

jinyi-jinyi   nm. forcing, goading.

jinyi-jinyi-mani   vc5t. goad, force, coerce.

jinypirr-karrimi   vc1i. injured. As from a spear which is still dangling from the thigh. See: pupun-karrimi. Category: health, fight.

jinypirr-yirrarni   vc2t. pierce, stab. So that the instrument sticks up or out of the wound. Category: hunt, fight.

jipa-jipa   nm. happy, content, satisfied, healthy, robust. As after recovering from an illness. Ant: jiilypali. Category: health.

jipa-jipa-wangu   nm. lifeless, having no energy.

jipalangka   nm. tree sp. Produces sweet, edible substance. Category: plant, flora.

jipiji   nm. painting stick. Small flat ones used by women to paint ochre on the body. Syn: milpirnpi. Category: ceremony.

jipijirla-jarrimi   vc1i. participate. In women's ceremonies involving the painting of Dreamtime designs. Category: ceremony.

jipilyaku   Variant: tipilyaku.

nm. duck, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

jipi-pardimi   vc1i.

1 • Jipi-pardimi, ngulaji yangka kuja karla yapa kulungka linjarrparla nyurru-wiyi wankaru-juku wilypi-pardimi, yangka kuja kalu yapangku kurlardarlu panungku waarr-pungu yangka parnka-parnta marda, yangka yapa-warnu pantirninja-warnu, ngula yangka kalalu yapangku parrarl-panturnu ngula yangka kala wurra-juku wankaru nyinaja kurlarda panungkaji; survive, come out alive. After a life-threatening situation, after war, accident, after desert trip.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa nyinami tarnnga marda kuja-lurla yapa-kariji muku jurnta walku-jarrija. Ngula-puruju nyanunguju wurra-juku jipi-pardija; outlive one's contemporaries.

jipirri   nm. borrower? Rdilyki-pinyi kapurna-jana nyampu karliji, jalangurlu jipirri-panurla. Manu kurlarda kapurna-jana rdilyki-pinyi, jipirri-panurla manu jantawarra-panurla.

jipirri   nm. jointly. As of acts performed together.

jipirri-jipirri   nm. navel. Category: body.

jipirr-jipirr-palimi milpa   vc1i + nm. concentrate on, converge on, be set on, have a target : desire, single-minded about something. Lit: deep sleep-die eye Manu jipirr-jipirr-palija milpaju jintaku yapa kulu. And a lot of angry people converged on a single person. Wati karla karnta jintaku milpa jipirr-jipirr-palimi, liji-yirrarni karla. Kula-ka karnta-kari mani. man is set on getting one particular woman, he desires her. He doesn't marry another woman.

jiri   nm.

1 • thorn, spike, prickle, sticker. Syn: jilkarla, paka.

2 • spike, quill. As of that belonging to an echidna. Category: animal, body, fauna.

jiringki-yirrarni   vc2t. deceive?

jirwinji-win(y)pa   restless. As sick child.

jirwin-pinyi   1 • move around in pain.

2 • in a hurry.

jirwin(-jirwin)-pinyi   vc3i.

1 • agonize restlessly. From an injury or sores.

2 • insomnia.

3 • Jirwin-jirwin-pinyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa murru-murru jinta-wanguku wanarri-kirli wijini-kirli pantirninja-warnu marda, pajirninjawarnu marda, warlalja-warnu, warrarda yurirrimi-yurirrimi munga wiri, parra wiri, yangka murru-murru wijini-kirli manu kuurn-kuurnku, manu warrarda purlami kuja, 'Wara! Murru-murru-jarrimi karna wijini. Wara! Wara! Manta-jili!'; groan in pain. Category: health.

jirwin(y)-   pv. restless, tossing and turning, agonizing. Category: health.

jirdaly-pakarni   Variant: jirdarr-pakarni.

vc2t. hit about the head. Category: hit, fight.

jirdi   nm.

1 • small seed. Syn: purrmu.

2 • baking powder, yeast. Category: plant.

jirdiji   nm. trunk, stalk, part of plant above ground, base. Of tree and surrounding ground. Category: plant, flora.

jirdikarrapiyi   nm. person with speech impediment. Category: speak.

jirdilypirrpa   nm. shaped like ?? See: panma.

jirdiny-jirdiny-   pv. keeping low to stay out of sight.

jirdiny-jirdiny-parnkami   vc1i. run keeping low.

jirdipirr-ngarrirni   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

vc2t. Jirdipirr-ngarrirni, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa-karirli yapa-kari kujarlu ngarrirni, 'Kularna ngajulu maniyiji manu bank-rlaju. Nyampurlu-mipa manu maniyiji jalangurluju.' Yangka kuja-ka yapa wangkami kujaji, yangka maniyi maninja-warnu palka-kurlu pocket-rla-kurlu maniyi-kirli, yangka kuja-ka kurntulypa jiirl-ngarrirni jinta-kari; falsely accuse, blame falsely, implicate another, shift the blame on to another. Iimplies that the subject is actually guilty and is only trying to cover him or herself. Category: speak, law.

jirdipirr(pa)-   pv. blaming, accusing.

jirlari   nm. Jirlari, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka nyinami yapa langa jiilyki warungka-warungka purramaru manu yangka yapa purda-nyanja-wangu, yangka kuja kalurla purlami manu wangkami, yangka kuja kalurla jirlari-kiji wangkami kutu-nyayirni langangka pingka wangkanja-wangu wakurdurdu-nyayirni langangkaji; deaf, hard of hearing. Syn: warungka, jiilyki, purramaru, purda-nyanja-wangu, langa-pati.

Jirljimulungu   place in desert. Category: place.

jirna-jirna   nm. intemperate, craving. Jirna-jirnarlu-ka ngarni kuyu. He is eating the meat intemperately. Nyanyi karna yinya karnta ngajunyangu nyinanja-kurra kuja-ka parlpirrpa manyu karri karlarla-wangu wiyarrpa jirna-jirna parlpirrpa-mirri-mirri. I see my wife sitting over there, playing cards, that's a shame, she's an intemperate/addicted gambler not even eating lunch.

Jirnalku   place in desert. Category: place.

jirnarn-pakarni   vc2t. knock over, topple.

jirnarri   nm. food. Syn: mangarri, miyi. Category: food, eat.

jirnkaly-pardimi   bc1i. stand on end. As of hair or fur when a person or dog is frightened. See: pawu.

jirra-jirra-   ov. offering, granting, profferring, promising.

jirra-jirra-pinyi   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

vc3b. Jirra-jirra-pinyi, ngulaji yangka kuja karlajinta jaja-nyanurlu juka-nyanuku yi-nyanurlu jirra-jirra-pinyi nyanungu-nyanguku mirntirdi-nyanuku, yangka kujarlu, 'Makari-puraji manta! Ngaju-nyangu yalumpu ngawurru-nyanu pirdinypa, yarujurlu yapa-kari-kijaku.' 'Yuwayi, mani karna ngaka, kajirna ngaju-jarri.'; promise, offer, grant, confer on, encourage to take, proffer. Yalumpu-jurnarla junga-juku jirra-jirra-pungu Jampijinpaku turakiji. I already promised that truck to Jampijinpa. Syn: jangku-pinyi.

jirrama   Variant: jirrima.

nm. Jirrama, ngulaji yangka kuja kapala nyinami kalinja, wati manu karnta, yangka jinta-wangu, yapa-jarra, marlpa; two. Category: number.

jirrara-jirrara   nm. stiff-legged.

jirri   nm. tadpoles, maggots. Category: fauna.

jirri-jirri   nm. Jirri-jirri, ngulaji yangka kuja kalu-jana yinyi karntaku watingki yangka kuja kalu-jana ngurrju-mani waninjaku. Manu yangka kuja kalu-jana ngurrju-mani waninjaku tarnngaku. Manu nyiyarla kuja kalu-jana yirrarni waninja-maninja-kuju, kuyungka, miyingka, nalijarla manu ngukungka. Nyiya kuja jirri-jirriji? Karnta-kurlangu pirli puyu, yalyu-yalyu, kardirri, karntawarra-karntawarra. Yapangku kalu mani yatujumparra, ngula kalu-jana yinyi yapaku kurlirra-kurra manja-kurra manu manangkarra-kurra, jirri-jirriji; good-luck charm, courtship gifts, love potion, magic love powder, love spell, love stone made of red or white ochre. From: Gurindji.

jirri-jirrirnpa   nm. scrub, thicket, woods, forest. Dense, typically with mulgas. Category: plant.

jirrilyi   nm. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka warru manyu-karri manu mururrunju; stupid, mad, crazy , funny. Syn: warungka, jiliwirri.

jirri-mardarni   vc2t. hold securely.

jirringi-   pv. plan.

jirringi-yirrarni   vc2t. plan for, discuss, decide, arrange, work out, organize, get ready for. Jirringi-yirrarni karnalu yukuri-karirlaku turakiki maninjaku. We are planning to get a truck next year.

jirriny-   pv. ‘boning’ sorcery. Category: religion.

jirrinypa   nm.

1 • magical object, magical object invested with killing powers and sent by an enemy into a person to kill them.

2 • malevolent spirit, malevolent spirit associated with natural forces. falling stars are evidence of activity. Category: star, religion.

jirriny-pinyi   vc3t.

1 • kill by sorcery, murder performed through sung curses.

2 • sick a dog on someone, provoke a dog to attack, command a dog to attack. Category: religion.

jirripirdi   nm. Jirripirdi ngulaji karnalu-jana ngarrirni yirdi Warlpirirli karlu-ngurlu-paturlu ngulaji jurlpu wita-wita panu-jarlu. Ngardilparlu manu Warnayakarlu ngulaji kalu-jana ngarrirni jurlpu wir-iwiri manu wita-wita jirripirdiji; bird (generic). Syn: jurlpu. Category: bird.

jirriri   nm. dragonfly, insect sp. Category: insect, fauna.

jirrirdi   nm. cotton material, thread.

jirrirlpa   nm. sand goanna.

jirrirlpa   nm. ceremonial pole. Made of branches bound together with grass and topped with feathers. Category: animal, fauna, ceremony.

jirri(-jirri)-kanyi   vc3t. Jirri-jirri-kanyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku pampa rdaka-ngurlu wilily-kanyi warru, yangka ngati-nyanu marda, kirda-nyanu marda, kurdungku; drag, lead along. As a blind person by the hand.

jirrjal-   pv. protruding.

jirrjal-karrimi   vc1i. prominent, jut out.

jirrjinti   nm. sneeze. Category: body, health.

jirrjinti-kijirni   vc2t.

1 • sneeze.

2 • auger, predict. Kujarna jirrjinti kujurnu, ngulaji palka-kurra, kapurna kuyu luwarni. When I sneezed, I just knew I would get shoot some wild game. Syn: manjurru-wantimi. Category: body, health.

jirrjirn-pinyi   vc3t. endanger someone, hold culpable. For exposing someone to danger whether or not the exposure was intentional. Nyiyakunkulu jirrjirn-pungu yinya-kurraju kujalu wiyarrpa kulungku pungu. Why did you endanger that poor fellow (by sending him) there where the others belted him up?

jirrkajirrkarli   nm. spears having removeable spearpoints. See: kurlarda; kunaparlpirrpa; mangulpa. Category: hunt.

jirrkarli   nm. removeable spearpoint. Syn: narnngu. Category: hunt.

jirrmily-karlimi   vc1i. weep, ooze, seep.

jirrmilypa-purlturr-purlturrpa   nm. generous person, gracious person. Person who is always loving or caring or forgiving of others. Syn: yulaarnti.

jirrmil(y)pa   nm. tears. Syn: minngarli. Category: body.

jirrmirlirlinypa   nm. watery eyes. Category: body.

jirrnganja   av. with, accompanying, having, possessing, containing. Syn: yirrkinypa, jayingu.

jirrnganja-nyinami   vc1d. sit with, having, possessing.

jirrpinta   nm. Stripe-tailed Goanna, lizard sp. Varanus eremius. Category: lizard, fauna.

jirrpirinypa   nm. shrub sp. Having edible seeds. Acacia stipuligera. See: pirrpirnpa; murlurrpa. Category: plant, flora.

jirrwarda   nm.

1 • straight. Syn: jungarni, wunarra.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa nyina warru turluny-wantinja-wangu marda mirdi jirrwarda manu kakarda marda waku marda; stiff joint, numb. Syn: rdalji.

3 • stubborn, stiff-necked.

4 • going straight, not deviating.

jirtankiji   nm. Crested Bellbird, bird sp. Oreoica gutluralis. Syn: paku-paku. Category: bird, fauna.

jitiji   nm. butt of tree. See: kurrurrungku. Category: plant.

jiti-jiti-   dv. heavily laden.

jiti-jiti-kanyi   Jiti-jiti-kanyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka wiri-jarlu watiya ngamurlu-kanja-yani pirdilypa wiri-jarlu. Manu yangka wiri-nyayirni nyiyarlangu, yangka kuja-ka jarna-kanyi kanunjurlu; carry a heavy load, lug. Category: carry.

jitily-pinyi   vc3t.

1 • quarter a carcass, cut up meat. Into conventional portions for distributing.

2 • mention someone's name. Category: cut.

jitilypurru   nm. black seed. Used in necklaces. Category: plant.

jitily(pa)-   pv. quartering.

jitimi   vc1i. descend, dismount.

jitinja-yirrarni   vc2t. put down.

jitipayini   nm. Ngulaji yayini kardiya-kurlangu kartaku wurnturu-malu kuja kalu kardiyarlu ngurrju-mani wurnturu parntarrinja-kurlangu wanta-kujaku ngapa-kujaku; sheet iron, metal roofing. Building material consisting of sheet iron. Syn: kartaku.

jitiri   nm. dragonfly, insect sp. Category: insect, fauna.

jitirni   Variant: jirtirni.

vc2i. provoke, goad into action, start. As of a motor.

jitirr-nyinami   vc1i. sit with head bowed.

jitirr-wantimi   vc1t. lower one's gaze.

jitirr-yani   vc5i. walk with head bowed.

jitirr(pa)-   pv. bowed. As if gead.

jiti(ti)jiti(ti)-yani   vc5i. go bearing a heavy load. As of a truck loaded with gravel. Category: carry.

jiti(ti)jiti(ti)-yani   vc5i. walk painfully.

jitpitpi   Variant: jirrpirrpi.

nm. seed. Used in necklaces. Category: plant.

jiwarnpa   nm. hot and sultry weather.

jiwarra   nm. feet that are pointed outward.

jiwarra-warra   nm.

1 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapaju nyina jiwarra-warra-juku wayil-wantinja-wangu; persistent, single-minded, relentless, undeviating, rebellious, stubborn, obstinate. Syn: wilji.

2 • straight?, direct?

jiwarra-warra-mani   vc5t. argue with. Category: speak.

jiwilyirrilyirri   nm. White-winged Fairy-wren, willy wagtail, blue and white, bird sp. Malurus lamberti. Category: bird, fauna.

jiwinypa   nm. wood chips.

jiwinypa-kari-jiwinypa-kari   nm. part.

jiwiri   nm. water. Syn: ngapa, nguku. Category: nature.

jiwiri-wiri   nm.

1 • edible sap. Found on certain trees.

2 • long and thin (trees), poles, fine (hair), thinning (hair).

3 • wisp of smoke, column of dust, willy-willy, dust-devil.

4 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jilja-wana pirntinyarra pardimi, ngulaji jinjirla-kurlu karntawarra-karntawarra-kurlu. Ngulaju kalu ngarni jinjirlarlaju ngapa wardilykarlu manu yankirrirli manu panu-karirlangurlu jurlpungku. Manu jinta-kariji yangka kuja-ka jurdu payi-jangka kankarlarra jiwiri-wiri-karrimi; tree sp. Tall with orange flower, from which emus and birds drink nectar, found near Rabbit Flat. Category: plant, body, food.

jiwiri-wiri-karrimi   vc1i. rise, waft upward, hang in the air. As of smoke, dust from a willy-willy, or from a vehicle at a distance.

jiwirli-jiwirli-   pv. lame, gimpy. Category: health.

jiwirli-jiwirli-wapami   vc1i. Jiwirli-jiwirli-wampami, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka wapanja-yani kuyu marda marlu mirriji rdilyki yangka kuja-ka wirliya rarra-kanja-yani wapanja-karrarlu. Yangka kuja-ka mirrijirli yungkurnurlu walya pantirninja-yani wapanja-karrarlu, yangka kuja-ka wirliyaji pulykungku manu pintingki wurrangku-juku jirri-mardarninja-yani. Manu yangka kuja-ka yapa mirriji rdilyki kuja-yijala wapanja-yani manu yungkurnurlu pantirninja-yani walya. Manu yangka nyiyarlangurlu, jarntungku marda, yankirrirli marda, yapangku marda, marlungku marda; limp along with a broken limb, walk dragging a leg. Manner in which blue-tongue lizards walk. Jiwirli-jiwirli-parnkami-ka lungkarda. Category: body, health.

jiwirlki-jiwirlki-parnkami   Variant: jiwilki-jiwilki-parnkami.

vc1i. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka marlu marda jiwilki-jiwilki-parnka kurlarda-kurlu wanarrirla-kurlu manu marda ngurljungka-kurlu kuja-ka marda yapangku pantirni kurlarda-kurlurlu; run speared through the body. As of a speared animal with the spear still hanging on in the wound. Category: law, fight.

jiwirnpa   nm.

1 • wing.

2 • forearm, radius part of arm. Category: body, bird.

jiwirri   nm. kindling.

jiwirri-marntu   nm. place of abundant firewood.

jiya   nm. Western red hills kangaroo. Category: animal, fauna, kangaroo.

jiyiki   nm. diamond finch, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

jiyiki-panturnu   nm. bird of prey, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

jiyipiki-ngarduyu   shepherd.

-ju   Variant: -ji.

ns. grammatical marker, topicalizing particle. Used to mark known information or to indicate the topic, or as a phonological extension with no grammatical significance. Ngaju-jurna Jampijinpa. I am Jampijinpa.

-ju   Variant: -ji.

bp. me. Nyanyi kaju. He sees me.

juju   nm.

1 • ceremony, corroboree, ritual, rite.

2 • spirit, sacred beings, sacred forces.

3 • evil being, evil force, devil, bad, wicked.

4 • powerful, clever.

5 • thunder. Jujurna purda-nyangu mungangkarlu maarr-maninja-kurra manu wirnpalku yirrarnu. I heard the sound of thunder last night, and then the lightning struck. Category: ceremony, religion, nature.

Juju Wiri-jarlu   1 • Satan, Devil.

2 • nuisance. Yalarni yali juju-jarra nyampu-jarraju. I think these are the two troublemakers. Category: religion.

jujuju   pm. puppy. Category: animal, fauna.

juju-kari   nm. wild animal. Category: animal.

juju-minyi-minyi   Variant: jiji-minyi-minyi.

nm. plant sp. Used as a decongestant. Streptoglossa odora. Category: plant, flora, health.

juju-ngaliya   nm. ancestral spirit beings, ceremonial man, boss or owner of a ceremony. Syn: purlapaku-ngarduyu, jujuku-ngarduyu. Category: religion, ceremony.

juju-nganja-nganja   nm. all kinds of power, powerful rituals. Category: religion, ceremony.

jujurrayi   nm. Australian Owlet Nightjar, bird sp. Aegotheles cristatus.

juka1   nm. ritual guardian, kinship term, wife's brother, brother-in-law, cousin. Category: kin.

juka2   nm. sugar. From: English. Category: food.

juka-juka-wapami   vc1i. walk along sticking up. As of an emu seen from the distance.

jukana   nm. kinship term, mother's father, mother's father's sister, female cross cousin. Category: kin.

juka-nyanu   nm. cross cousin, kinship term, one's cross cousin. Category: kin.

juka-pinyi   vc3t. dance. As men do. Category: ceremony.

jukarurru   nm. straight, true. Syn: jungarni.

jukarlangu   nm. kinship term, cross cousins, pair. Consisting of Ego and MoFaSi. Category: kin.

jukati   nm.

1 • cane, walking stick.

2 • person who is unsatisfied with payback, unrecompensed, uncompensated. Ant: yawuru. Category: law.

juka-yirrarni   vc2t. stick into the ground.

juka(-juka)-karrimi   vc1i. erect.

-juku   cl. still, yet. Syn: -kirli.

-juku-jala   cl. still, nevertheless, despite this.

juku-juku   nm. chicken. Category: bird, food.

jukulypa   nm. pulp of fruit. Category: plant, food.

jukupirri   nm. elbow. Syn: martirdiji. Category: body.

jukuru   nm. disobedient, sulky, not wanting, unwilling, unenthusiastic, apathetic, sullen, surly, morose. Ant: ngampurrpa. Category: law.

jukuru-jarrimi   vc1d. unwilling, disobey. Category: law.

jukurnpa   nm. kinship term, wife's mother, wife's mother's brother; mother-in-law, mother-in-law's brother. Category: kin.

jukurnparla   nm. kinship term, wifé's mother, mother-in-law. Syn: malirdirla. Category: kin.

jukurra   nm. tomorrow. Category: time.

jukurrarnu   nm. eternal, timeless. Category: time.

jukurr-mani   vc5t. dream. Category: body, ceremony, religion.

jukurrpa   nm.

1 • dream, Dreamtime.

2 • totem, law, custom. Category: law.

jukurrpa-warlalja   nm. owner of land, owner of Dreaming. Category: law.

jukurrpa-warnu   nm. birthmark. Category: body, health.

jukurru   nm. Long Leaf Wild Orange, Northern Wild Orange, plant sp. Capparis umbonata. Syn: ngarntajari. See: kunampi; watakiyi. Category: plant, flora.

julku   nm. fruit juice, vegetable juice. Category: plant, food.

julpangku?   Variant: julpungku?.

nm. ??? julpangku-pardu See: paku-paku.

julpurrpa   nm. earth pile, sand pile, track from wrestling in sand. As from camels or people fighting. Category: fight.

julurliya   nm. skink sp., lizard sp. Tiliqua scincoides. Category: lizard, fauna.

julurr-jirrirni   vc2t. startle. Syn: kinyirr-jirrirni.

julurr-julurr(pa)   pv. Julurr-julurrpa, ngulaji yangka kuja karlajinta yapangku yapa-kariki kurlardarlu pantirni wurnturu-kurraku kurlarda panu-jarlurlu pulya-wanguku karrinja-wanguku, yangka kuja-ka yapa juurl-juurl-pinyi kankarlarra-kari warrarda, yapa laninji; jumping repeatedly.

julurr-ngarni   vc2i. jump, start, bolt, spring up in fear.

julurr-(julurr)-mani   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

vc5t. Julurr-julurr-mani, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa kurlarda-kujaku manu wurrumpuru-kujaku pantirninja-kujaku lani warru julurr-julurr-mani, yangka murru-murru-kujaku, yapa laninji.Julurr-mani, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku yapa-kari yaninjarla purdangirli-wana-jangkarlu purrngur-pakarni pawiyirla manu yangka purturlurla, ngula kuja-ka ngula-jangkaji julurr-ngarni karrardaji, yangka waparlku-warnu, yangka kuja-ka wangkami kuja, 'Wara! Julurr-jurrurnunpaji waparlku-warnu, punkungku. Wiyarrparna. Putarna paarr-pardija.'; Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa julurr-ngarni manu juurl-pinyi; startle, make someone jump, make someone jump, start, bolt or spring up in fear. Syn: julurr-ngarni.

julyarni   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

vc2t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka jarntungku marda kuyu julyarninjarla wuruly-kanyi; grab something and run away, snatch.

julyupu-julyupu   nm. full up, satiated.

julyurl-kijirni   vc2t. throw into water, throw into fire.

julyurl-ngunami   vc1i. float.

julyurlpa-kurlangu   nm. swimming pool.

julyurl-wantimi   vc1i.

1 • fall into fire, fall into water, swim.

2 • bathe, wash. Nyurltu-nyurltu-nyayirni nyampuju nyalali jurru wakurluju rarralypa ngawu-ngawu julyurl-wantinja-wangu-jangka

julyurl-yirrarni   vc2t. put into water, put into fire, baptize. Category: religion.

julyurl-yukami   vc1i. sink. As of a stone in water.

julyurl(pa)(-)   nm/pv. in(to) water, in(to) fire.

jul(y)-karrimi   vc1i. remain motionless, keep still, stop moving. Category: hunt.

jul(y)-nyinami   vc1i. stop repeatedly along the way, stop and then return.

jumati   nm.

1 • hard. As of a pig's head.

2 • stubborn.

jumati-mani   vc5t. provoke to anger. Miyalu kaju jumati-mani. He is provoking me. Category: fight.

jumpuny-karrimi   vc1i.

1 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka lirrimi kurra-jangka marda wijini jumpuny-karrimi. Manu jinta-kariji ngulaji yangka kuja karla yapa-kariki marda jumpuny-karri, ngulaji marda jaru pirrjirdi ngarrirninja-kurlangu; seep out of, ooze from, swell up. As of a boil.

2 • Jumpuny-karrimi, ngulaji yangka kuja karla yapaku karlapa mara-mara kira-karri rduul-pardinjaku-ngarntilki, yangka kurraku-ngarntilki karlapaji yurnmilki manu murntulku karlapaji yangka kuja-ka kankarlulku kira-karri rdiirr-pinjaku-ngarntilki; swear at. Syn: kira-karrimi, luurl-karrimi, purntuny-karrimi, rula-rula-karrimi. Category: health, speak.

jumpuru   nm. plant sp. See: marna. Category: plant.

jumu   nm. Jumu, ngulaji yangka ngapa mulju, manangkarra-wana, yangka kuja kalu yapangku pangirninjarla ngarni, ngapa; soakage, well. Syn: mulju, mulju.

jumuntu-pari   nm. mounded.

jumuntu-yirrarni   vc2t. mound up. Like ants building a hill. See: nama.

jumy-pardimi   vc1i.

1 • seep, ooze. See: marnta.

2 • swell up. As of an unburst boil. Syn: jumpuny-karrimi. Category: health.

juni   vs5t. scold, growl at. Category: speak.

juni-parnta   Variant: jurni-parnta.

nm. 1 • upset stomach.

2 • pregnant. Usage: Euphemism. Category: health.

junma   nm. knife, traditional stone knife. Syn: jurla, wurlampi. See: lakurru; partardi; walanypa. Category: cut.

junpurr-mani   vc5i. make the sound of vibrating lips, as of a horse or person--'ppprrr'. Category: sound.

juntala   nm. wattle sp., Colony Wattle, plant sp. Acacia murrayana. Category: plant, flora.

juntu-mani   vc5t. encamp, camp, stay put, remain in a place. Ngulangka-juku-pala juntu-manta yungulu-nyarra pinyi. You stay right there so that they can come and hit you.

junga   nm. Junga, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka wangkami yijardu-nyayirni, warlka-wangu, manu yimirr-yinja-wangu, manu yijardu-nyayirni. Warlka-wangu manu mularrpa-nyayirni; true, straight, right side.

junga-mani   vc5t. track. By examining imprints in the ground. Category: hunt.

junga-purdanji   nm. right hand side.

jungari   nm. small grindstone. Syn: ngalikirri. See: pirli.

jungarni   nm.

1 • geometrically straight, law-abiding.

2 • righteous. Category: law, religion.

jungarni-mani   vc5t. correct, order, arrange items, prepare, explain, solve.

jungarni-ngawurrpa   nm. Ngulaji yangka yapa karnta marda wati marda kuja-ka wangkami jaru kutu yapa-kurra ngari waparlku, manu kuja-ka kanyi nyiyarlangu janta yapa-kari-kirlangu yapa-kariki jungarnirli, ngulanya jungarni-ngawurrpa; righteous person, one who always does the right thing, trustworthy, straight talker. Syn: jinta-yirriri. Category: law, religion.

jungarni-wangu   nm. crooked, unlawful. Category: law.

Jungarrayi   nm. male skin name. Category: kin.

jungarrayi-jungarrayi   nm. false tobacco plant. Pseudo-tobacco usually found near rocky hill sides, but not used for chewing. Category: plant.

jungka-jungka   nm. bag, wrapping, bundle. Typically made from paperbark. Syn: wujulpa.

jungkara   nm. moist earth? See: walya; walyiri. Category: nature.

jungkul-karrimi   vc1i. sleep. Category: body.

jungkunypa   nm. ripe dried bush raisins, plant sp. See: kararrpa; karturu; kunampi; mulyu-mulyu; yakajirri. Category: plant, food.

jungu   nm. together, accompanying. Syn: wungu.

jungun-junguny-wangkami   vc1i. squeak. As of a mouse. Category: sound.

jungunypa   nm. mouse. Category: animal, fauna.

juny-karrimi   vc1i. hate.

junyuku   nm.

1 • lifeless, listless, apathetic.

2 • Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa muntuku marda nyina manu pululu manu jinta-ngawurrpa manu yangarlu-ngawurrpa; loner, quiet person, patient person. Syn: runyuku.

junyuku-nyinami   vc1i. useless, lifeless, inactive, unenergetic.

junyuku-pari   nm. useless, lazy, inactive, listless, unenergetic, lifeless. Syn: rdarrpurla.

jupu   nm.

1 • just for fun.

2 • soap.

jupu-   pv. stop, halt.

jupu-jupu   nm. soup. Category: food.

jupu-karrimi   vc1i. stop moving, halt.

jupulpari-jupulpari   nm. bumpy. As of ground.

Jupurrurla   nm. male skin name. Category: kin.

jupurtu   nm. white-plumed honey-eater?, small yellow bird, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

juringki-yirrarni   Variant: jurunyki-yirrarni.

vc3b. renege on a promise. Ant: jangku-pinyi; Syn: juringki-yinyi. Category: law.

juru-juru-karrimi   vc1i. drag self along. As of a lizard. Syn: juru-juru-wapami.

nm. bird sp. Category: bird.

juru-juru-wapami   vc1i. drag self along. As of lizard.

juru-juru-yani   vc5i. go along dragging one's feet. Syn: juru-juru-karimi.

jurul-jurul-ngarni   vc4i. leap back, recoil in alarm.

juru-pinyi   vc3t. pour.

jurdalja   nm. family, wife's matriline. Category: kin.

jurdalja-   pv. related to in-law obligations. Can be anything done for them.

jurda-warra-warra-pinyi   vc3t. brandish weapons by dancing around with weapons; build up courage and demoralize the enemy. Category: fight.

jurdi-mani   vc5t. load spearthrower. Category: hunt.

jurdu   nm. blowing dust. Category: nature.

jurduly-wantimi   turn around and go back, circle around.

jurduly-wantimi   vc1i. shift position around slightly.

jurduly-yani   vc5i. turn around, change direction.

jurdu-warra-warra-pinyi   vc3it. dance with quick, jumping movements, as of men during ceremonies; stomp ones feet, possibly as when a person is angry and stomps towards someone else. Category: ceremony, fight.

jurla   nm. knife, traditional stone knife. Syn: junma, wurlampi. Category: cut, hunt.

jurlaka   nm. Australian Bustard, bush turkey, bird sp. Syn: wardilyka, parrulka. Category: bird, fauna.

jurlarda   nm. sugarbag.

jurlarl-jurlarlpa   nm. grumpy, irritable, in a bad mood, not feeling like doing something, easy-going, easily-influenced, relaxed, pliable, compliant, fickle. Kulalpa-jana marda yapa purda-nyangkarla. Jinta-kariji yapa marda-ka nyina jurlarl-jurlarlpa wayil-wantinja-palka. He can't listen to others. On the other hand perhaps he is willing to change his mind. Syn: rdulpu.

jurlarrawarra-pinyi   vc3t. Jurlarrawarra-pinyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapa-kari wati-kari purrju kulu pinjaku-ngarnti yangka yarlu-kurra-jarrimirra, yangka kuja-karra, 'Yantarni! Kapunpaji warrarda maya-ngarni karntangkajinta, nyampu-kurra yantarni, yingarli-nyanu pakayiki-pinyilki. Kapunpaji warrarda waarn-pinyi. Yantarni! Yantarni!' 'Walku karna nyina, kulu-wangu ngajuju.'; Yapa yangka kuja-ka jurlarrawarra-pinyi ngulaju marda-ka nyina kulu-parnta, manu-ka nyina marda karrarranju, ngulaju kulu-parnta-juku. Manu marda-ka purlapa pinjaku jurlarrawarra-pinyi; challenge, leap forward, jump in to dance or fight. Category: ceremony, fight.

jurl-jurlpinja-yani   vc5i. bounce along.

jurlkuly-jurlkuly-katirni   vc2t. squeeze juice out by treading.

jurl-mani   Variant: jururl-mani.

vc5i. hiss. As of a snake. Category: sound.

jurlpu   nm. bird (generic). Category: bird, fauna.

jurluparli   nm. boomerang. Syn: karli, kurru-purda, malpa, paralyu. Category: hunt.

jurlupurruly-yarnkami   vc1i. splash, surge. As of waves. Category: nature.

jurlurliya   Variant: julurliya.

nm. Ngulaji kunjuru-kunjuru wiri-jarlu lungkardaju ngulaji witaju, kala jurlurliyaji ngulajai wiri kirrirdi manu wantiki. Jalanypa kunjuru-kunjuru-kurlu manu kuyu ngurrju warrana-piya. Kala warraji ngulaji kuyu jurlurliya-piya-yijala kuyu kardirri milpa yalyu-yalyu, manu-ka nyinami ngulyangka rdilypirrpa kakarda panu-kurlurla ngulyangka warranaji. Ngulaji kalu nyinami kuyu warranaji Yarturlu-yarturlu-wana manu Parrulyu-wana; lizard sp. See: lungkarda; warraji. Category: lizard, fauna.

jurnarrpa   nm.

1 • equipment, belongings, things, possessions.

2 • clothes.

3 • weaponry. Syn: yurlarri.

4 • luggage.

5 • tools. See: wawarda; yukunju-kunju. Category: hunt.

jurni   nm. stomach? Category: body.

jurni-warnu   nm. own child.

jurn-jurn-jankami   vc1i. melt.

jurn-jurn-jirrirni   vc2i. bubble?

jurn-jurnju-pardimi   vc1i. bubble up out of. As of a spring.

jurnma   nm. left-handed wallaby, wallaby sp. Category: animal, wallaby.

jurn-pinyi   vc3t. try, attempt.

jurnpu-karrimi   vc1i. full up.

jurnpurnpu   nm. wild hill tobacco, plant sp. Highly prized. Nicotiana gossei. Syn: pirnki-warnu. See: jankulypa; janyungu; yarunpa. Category: plant.

jurnpu-yirrarni   vc2t. pile up, heap up, stack.

jurnta   av. away from.

jurnta kirlka-mani   vc5t. peel. As of an orange. Category: cut.

jurnta-kanyi   vc5b. take away, carry away from. Category: carry.

jurnta-karrimi   nm. keep watch for someone. While they are engaged in doing something else.

jurnta-mani   vc5b. take away from.

jurnta-mardarni   vc2b. withhold, take away from.

jurnta-nyinami   uninterested in, indifferent to.

jurnta-pirrmarn-pinyi   vc3d. ricochet, rebound.

jurnta-yani   vc5d. go away from.

jurnti   Variant: jurntu. limestone hills.

jurnturru   nm. heel of hooked boomerang, hooked boomerang. Usage: Hansen River dialect Category: hunt.

jurnungu   nm. mud. Syn: parlju, nganjurrngu. Category: nature.

jurraja   nm. ant sp., insect sp. Syn: nama, pingi. Category: insect, ant.

jurr-jurr-pantirni   vc2t?. convulse, have a fit. Syn: jurrka-jurrka-pantirni.

jurrka-jurrka-pantirni   vc2t. convulse as in death throes, have a fit, throw a fit. As of an angry child. Syn: jurr-jurr-pantirni.

jurrka-panji   nm. kangaroo sp. Category: animal, fauna, kangaroo.

jurrka-pinyi   vc3t. Jurrka-pinyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku purlapa pinyi wamulu-kurlurlu manu kurtari-kirlirli manu jalyirrpa-kurlurlu wirliyarla-kurlurlu. Manu yangka kuja kalu yapangku yatujumparrarlu wangka-pinyi kurdungka tijirituwu-kurlurlu, yangka kuja kalu-nyanu mawurnturlu manu karljingki piirr-pakarni jurrka-pinjaku-ngarntirli; dance. Category: ceremony.

jurrkarra   nm. season. Characterized by wind from the west and heralding hot weather. Syn: kara-purda, lungkarda-karda, warujarri. Category: time.

jurrku   nm. Jurrku, ngulaji yangka kuja kapala ngunami nyiyarlangu yangka jinta-warnu, yangka karli-jarra marda, manu kurdiji-jarra marda, manu yangka kuja kapala nyinami kurdu-jarra ngati-nyanu jinta yangka miparrpa jinta, palka jinta, yuru jinta, linpa jinta, jurrku-juku; same.

jurrku-mani   explain the meaning of, define. Category: speak.

jurrkun-pari   nm. sharp point.

jurrku-warnu   nm. kinship term, son-in-law. Used by a woman in reference to her son-in-law when that man is at least 30 years old. Category: kin.

jurrmaly-ngarni   vc4i. overflow, flood. Category: nature.

jurru   nm.

1 • head.

2 • hair.

3 • mealy sugarbag substance, honey comb.

4 • cap of pen.

5 • waxed handle of spear-thrower. Category: body, hunt.

jurru-   pv. insufficient, inadequate.

jurru kalyiwarru-kurlangu   nm. curly?, hair? Category: body.

jurru lalykarlalyka   nm.

1 • head with hair standing out.

2 • big head. Category: body.

jurru maju   nm. bellicose, belligerent, pugnacious, argumentative, wild. Lit: head bad Kuja-ka nyina jurru maju, wantarlangurlu marda-ka yangka janka, ngula-jangkaju-ka maju-jarrimilki. Jangkardu kajana warungka-jarri yangka -- jurru majuju. Kuja-ka nyina. Jurru maju kuja-ka nyina, ngula kajana jangkardulku warungka-jarri. Yangka kulu-rlanguku-ngarnti -- kuja kajika-jana kulurlangurlu luwarni. Wuu pinyi. Yika jurru maju nyina. When someone is "gone in the head", like if they get too much sun, then they get wild. A person who has "gone in the head" will get wild with people and attack them. Like to start a fight, he might throw something at them in anger say, or hit them as he is wild. Yali-kijaku wurnturu-jarriya, jurru maju-kujaku, kalakangku pinyi. Stay clear of that fellow who is looking for a fight, he is liable to hit you. Category: fight.

jurru marntarla   nm.

1 • hard headed, thick skull, stiff-haired. Lit: head Acacia pruinocarpa

2 • insensitive, stubborn person, obstinate. Jurru marntarla-nyayirni ngulaju yangka kuja-ka yapa wilji wangkami kuluku manu yangka kuja wilji wangkami nyiyakantikantiki. 'Jurru marntarla' is a person who keeps on and on talking and wanting to fight, or one who keeps on and on when he wants something. Jurru marntarlaju, ngulaju kuja-ka yapa nyinami yulanja-wangu, ngula kajana nyanyi-mipa. 'Jurru marntarla' is a person who doesn't cry, one who just sits and looks. Yangka ngula-ka nyinami yulanja-wangu jurru marntarla-nyayirni. One who doesn't cry is really a very hard-hearted person. Yangka ngula-ka wilji-jarrimi kuluku, ngulaju jurru marntarla-nyayirni. Manu ngula-ka wilji-jarrimi nyiyaku mayi puntarninjaku, jurru marntarla-nyayirni. A person who insists on fighting is a jurru marntarla or hard head. Or someone who insists on taking something from someone is very much a jurru marntarla also. Yangka ngula-ka wilji-jarrimi, ngulaju jurru marntarla. Kuja-ka parljirninja-wangu nyina manu kajili-jana jurru-ngurlu-mani, ngulaju-ka jurru marntarla nyina. When a person is stubborn then he is a jurru marntarla. Or when one doesn't wash and they can grab hold of them by the hair, then that person is jurru marntarla. Jupurrula yangkalu maninjingka miyirtingiki!" "Lawa. Yampiyalu yaliji. Jurru marntarla. Kula-ngalpa rdaarr-parnkami jarukuju. Wilji-nyayirnirli kapu-ngalpa tarnngangku mardarni. Kapu jaru wangkami jarrwara-kari." "Go and fetch that Jupurrurla for the meeting!" "No. Leave him. He's too hard headed and stubborn. He won't agree with what we say. He will insist on keeping us all day. He will talk taking the opposite point of view." Kurdu witalpalu puta jitinja-yirrarnu turaki-ngirli ngulaju yali kurduju jurru marntarla lawa rdayirrpa-jarrija yurirrinja-wangu. [Robin Granites Japanangka Y 1988] They tried to get that small child out of the car and that child who was very stubborn refused and wouldn't budge. Category: fight.

jurru panja-panja   nm. Jurru panja-panja, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka nyinami yapa wakurlu jurru nyuturr-nyuturrpa-kurlu manu jurru pilirri-pilirri-kirli wakurlu-kurlu pilirri-pilirri-kirli. Yangka karnta marda, wati marda, jurru panja-panjaji; person with tight or kinky hair?

jurru pirrjirdi   nm. buffalo. Lit: hard head Category: animal.

jurru rdilypirrpa   nm. clever person, knowledgeable person, expert. Lit: head perforation Jurru rdilypirrpaju, yapangku kuja-ka milya-pinyi nyiya-kanti-kanti jukurrpa panu-kari-kirlangu manu ngula-ka jurru rdilypirrparlu milya-pinyi warrki-jarrinjaku pipangkaku. Jurru rdilypirrpa is a person who know all the different Dreamings belonging to other or one who really knows right through how to work with paper (i.e. read and write). Kurdu-kurdu panu-kari kalu nyina jurru rdilypirrpa ngula kalu milya-pinyi riiti-maninjaku Warlpiriki. Some children are really knowledgeable, those who know how to read Warlpiri. Kurdu yaliji-ka jurru rdilypirrpa-nyayirni nyina kuurlurlaju. Milya-pinyi-ka pinangku. That child is a real expert at school. He knows the work.

jurru rdirrinypa   Variant: jurru-rdirriny-mirni-mirni.

nm. clever, expert, knowledgeable. Lit: head through Jurru rdirrinypa ngulaju pina-nyayirni. 'Jurru rdirrinypa' is to be very knowing. Jangalarlu nyampurlu-ka milya-pinyi nyampu nguru jurru rdirrinyparlu manu pinangkalparlu. This Jangala really knows this country through and through and is very knowledgeable about it. Ngangkayi-kirlirli nyanungurlu jurru rdirrinyparlu-ka nyanyi juju ngula-ka yanirni kalkurnu-purda. That man with special magical powers who is an expert can see the bad thing that is coming this way. Syn: jurru rdirrny-mirni-mirni, jurru rdilypirrpa.

jurru walpa-walpa   nm. dizzy, light-headed, giddy, spinning head.

jurru wuurnpa   nm. pin head.

jurru yarltiri   nm. blond, fair haired.

jurru yirlala-wuurnpari   nm. Jurru yirlala-wuurnpari, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka nyinami yapa jurru jungarni-wangu, yangka jurru kuja-ka marla-marla-karri kuja-purda kuja-purda, yangka kumu-wangu-jangka, manu pukurdi warirninja-wangu-jangka, manu yangka jurru jungarni-wangu.Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapaji nyina jurru lalji-lalji. Manu marnilpa yirlarla-wuurn-pari; dishevelled. As of hair.

jurrulypuly-pajirni   vc2t. pick and fill, pluck and full.

jurru-pinyi   vc3t. Jurru-pinyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka kurdungku yarnunju-kurlu wita nyanyi yangka kuja karla jurnta yulami kuja-karra, 'Ngatiyi! Nyampuju wita, miyi manu kuyu. Yungkaji, ngati. Yarnunjukurna. Yungkaji.' 'Nganja, nganja walkungka, miyi-wangurla, kuyu-wangurla. Ngaka kapurna mani jukurrarlu, murrku.'; reject as insufficient, disparage, complain. Because something is too small, too little or insufficient. Kurdungku-ka jurru-pinyi kuyu wita. The child is rejecting the small piece of meat. Jurru-pinyi-ka miyi wita nyanjarla marda yapangkuju manu kuyu marda manu marda ngapa wita, ngulanya-ka wangka jurru-pinyiji. Jurru-pinyi is when a person sees that there is just a little food or meat or water, that's what we call jurru-pinyi.

jurrupuly-jurrupulypa   nm. Ngulaju marda yangka kuja-ka yapa jurdu-kurlu marnilpaji nyina. Jinta-kariji marda-ka wangka wakurlu wiri-kirliki.Ngulaji-ka wangka ngapa kuja kalu yangka yapangku winjirni parrungkulpa-kurra ngulaji jurrupuly-jurrupulypa; full of dirt or dust, as of hair after a trip; lots of hair; overflowing, as of water in a bucket.

jurrupuly-ngarni   vc2i. overflow, filled to the brim.

jurrupuly-pari   nm. full to the brim, overflowing.

jurrupuly-wantimi   vc1i. brim over, spill over the top.

jurrupuly-yarnkami   vc1i. pour out from, brim over, tip out from.

jurruru-yarnkami   vc1d. grab hold of.

jurrurlungku   Usage: Ngardi dialect

nm. trousers.

jurruwa   nm. ???

jurru-yarlu(-yarlu)   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. bald. Category: body.

jurrwa-mani   vc5t.

1 • rebound violently off of.

2 • refuse someone. So as to hurt their feelings.

jurr-yarnkami   vc1d. grab hold of something. Nyanungur-jurla jurr-yarnkaja manurla rdirri-yungu rduly-pajirninjaku waninjaku

jurr-yarnkami   vc1d. wrestle with. Category: fight.

jurtarangi   nm. rainbow. Syn: pararri. Category: nature.

jutiya   nm. snake sp. Category: snake, fauna.

jutu   nm. ??? See: warungka.

jutu-kurra   one way, for free, gratis, nothing required in return ; No expectation of reciprocity for something done for another. Jutu-kurra kanpa palimi tarnnga-kirli wankaru-jarrinja-wangu. You'll just die, not coming alive again. Ngayinpa yampinja-yanu jutu-kurra. You just dumped/abandoned him there at the very end of the line.

jutulpu   nm. leaf, leafy branch, foliage. Syn: jalyirrpa. Category: plant.

jutu-mani   vc5t. cover over, close up, fill in. Yipangku ka-jana jutu mani, watiya-kurlurlu yirnmi-karda. He/she is covering over (the food) with hot ashes, using a stick, until it is cooked. \lx jutu-pinyi. Variant: juti-pinyi.

vc3t. Ngulaji yangka kuja-ka yapangku jintangku yapa panu-jarlu purami, manu jutu-pinjarla kulpari-yanirni pina jinta; cease, stop doing something.

juturu-yirrarni   vc2t. lower something.

juturu-yunparni   vc2t. perform sorcery by singing someone. Category: law, religion.

juturlpuru   nm. tree sp. Eucalyptus pachyplylla. Category: plant, flora.

juu-karrimi   vc1i. sulk, angry.

juulkurra   nm. discreet, polite, secretive, speak in parables, parabolic speech. As of speech so as to avoid mention of deceased persons' name or to avoid being understood by other listeners. Syn: jaalparra. Category: speak.

juul-mardarni   vc2t. hold back from, withhold part of.

juulpa-kijirni   vc2t. drop short of the mark, throw short of the mark. Yarda kujurnu, walku-jukulpa juulpa-kujurnu. He threw it again, but no, he threw it short of the mark. Category: hunt.

juulpa-yani   Variant: juul-yani; jul-yani?.

vc5i. stop short of the goal, fall short of target. Mr. Percival-ju jingi-jingi paarr-pardija pawautu-kurra-pinangu, kala ngayi juulpa-yanu. Mr. Percival flew straight towards the boat but stopped short.

juulypa   nm. spinifex shoots. Which sprout after bushfires. See: marna; milpingi; wajirrki; yukuri. Category: plant.

juumurntu-pari   nm. hump, raised from ground.

juunu-juunu   nm. puffed, out of breath. As of a big man walking. Category: health.

juuny-karrimi   vc1i. Ngulaji yangka yapa kuja-ka muntuku nyina manu kuja karla kulu nyina yapa-kariki jinta-kariki. Kula kajana ngampurrpa nyina yapa-kari-kiji. Manu kulalpa-jana wangkayarla yapa-kari-kiji; loathe, hate, dislike, resent. Syn: rdunju-rdunju-jarrimi.

juuny(pa)-   pv. hate, loathing, dislike, resentment.

juurl-juurl-pinyi   vc3i.

1 • jump repeatedly.

2 • boil (water).

juurlparra-pinyi   vc3t. jump over it.

juurl-pinyi   vc3i. Juurl-pinyi, ngulaji yangka kuja-ka wurlkuna warru manu yangka kuja-ka ngarlarra warru juurl-juurl-pinyi karrungka walyarrarla, manu yangka kuja-ka marlu juurl-juurl-pinja-yani wurna yukuri-kirra ngarninjaku; jump.

juurn-jirrirni   vc2t. feint with a spear. Category: fight.

juurr-juurr-nyinami   vc1i. Juurr-juurr-nyinami, ngulaji yangka kuja kajana yapa minjirnpa warru juurr-juurr-nyinami yapaku waparlku-kurraku, punku kulu wita-wangu yapa minjirnpa.Juurr-nyinami, ngulaji yangka kuja karla kulu yapakariki wati marda, karnta marda yapakariki waparlku-kurraku kulu; attack suddenly and unexpectedly, without provocation, rush at, charge, pounce. Category: fight.

juurr-juurr-pantirni   vc2t. make jabs at. Category: hunt, fight.

juurr-nyinami   Usage: Wirliyajarrayi dialect, Yurntumu dialect

vc1d. Nyampuju-ka wangka juurr-nyinami kuja karla yangka yapa-kariki yarnkami. Manu marda kuja karla yarnkami yapa-kariki, kuja-kunya-ka nyampuju wangka juurr-nyinami; grab hold suddenly of something or someone. Syn: rdarri-mardarni, yarnkami (Lajamanu).

juurrpa   nm. Ngulaji wita wilypirirla-ka nyina parrangkaji wita kuurr-kuurrpa-piya-yijala. Ngulaji-ka ngaka mungangka wilypiri-ngirli wilypi-pardi manu paarr-pardi warru mungangkaji. Ngula-ka wangkami mungkangkaji warru, 'Juurr! Juurr!'; small owl-like bird, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

juurr-yarnkami   vc1d. attack. Category: fight.

juurr(pa)-   pv. surprise attack, charging, grabbing, seizing. Category: fight.

juwaki   Usage: Lajamanu dialect

nm. 1 • swag, bedroll.

2 • chewing tobacco? Syn: janyungu?.

juwa-kijirni   spew out of mouth, reject.

juwanypa   Variant: jiwinypa.

nm. disobedient. Syn: wilji. Category: law, religion.

juwany-pinyi   vc3t. ignore.

juwari   nm. claypan. Syn: marluri, warrarnpa.

juwayikirdi   nm. Black-tailed Native Hen, bird sp. Category: bird, fauna.

juyurdu   nm. curse song.

juyurdurlu-yunparni   vc2t. curse, work sorcery. Upon someone by singing them. Category: religion.