A - a

abalkban manyij   n. sunrise. Category: Time.

abangkun   n. 1 • big one.

2 • father. Category: People and Kinship.

abin   vi. 1 • do.

2 • say. Paradigm:: abiny, anamina, amin. Category: Vocalising and Thought.

abun   vi. hit self.Paradigm:: abung, anawuni, awun. Category: Impact.

adbiljuju   n. lump caused by insect bite. Category: Impact, Healing Sickness and Ailments.

aj   n. inside. Category: Direction and Location.

ajakurrang   n. Place name. Beach near the island in Palm Bay, Croker Island. Category: Names and Placenames.

ajba ajbaya   n. vine type. Large seed pod with big red seeds - ‘elephant vine’ - ‘monkey nut’. Category: Plants.

ajbud   n. beach. Category: Elements.

ajbudajbud   n. sandy ground. Category: Elements.

aju   vi. 1 • lie down.

2 • be, exist (of long objects lying down).Paradigm:: ajung, anayaldinga, ayaldi. Category: State.

ajukunjildin   vi. join up. Category: Direction and Location, Motion.

ajuwak   n. sea turtle (generic). Category: Turtles.

ajuwarrang   n. flame, light, lamp. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Elements.

ajuwarrang   vi. be light.

akud   adv. always. Category: Time.

akunjildin   vi. share out.Paradigm:: akunjildiny. Category: Holding and Transfer.

alabanji   n. tree species. From which rope is made. Category: Plants, Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

alakbirrij   n. black beetle. Category: Animals.

alamirta   n. place name. Big Creek, northern Croker Island. Category: Names and Placenames.

alan1   n. lungs. Category: Body Parts and Products.

alan2   n. road. From: Maung. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

alanud   n. road, path, track. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

alarrud   n. big mob. Category: People and Kinship.

alawi   n. big fishing net. In olden times made from string rolled from the stripped bark of the banyan tree. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

alba   n. play. Category: Motion.

albuj   n. tree species. Small roundish green leaf, tiny fruit. Category: Plants.

aldakbulakbanjildin   vi. discuss.Paradigm:: aldakbulakbanjildiny. Category: Vocalising and Thought.

aldalkanjildin   vi. have a meeting.Paradigm:: aldalkanjildiny. Category: Motion.

aldalkunjildin   vi. fight with spears.Paradigm:: aldalkunjildiny. Category: Mood and Character, Impact.

aldikan   vi. help each other fight.Paradigm:: aldikany. Category: Mood and Character.

aldujudbularr   n. young animals. Category: Animals.

algurtu   n. 1 • vine.

2 • string, rope. Category: Plants, Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

alij   n. spear (generic). Category: Hunting.

alijbularr   n. spear type. Synonym: arnarna. Category: Hunting.

alikarnka   n. term of address to mother of deceased child. Category: People and Kinship.

aliwad   n. bad things or people.Sg: waliwi. Category: Mood and Character.

alkiya   n. term of address to woman who has borne a child. Category: People and Kinship.

alngarrirrirr   n. different way. Synonym: badba alanud.

alwarr   n. clear sky. Category: Elements.

ambarrkambarrk   n. everyone.

ambij   n. snake (generic). Category: Reptiles and Snakes.

amurdbikbin   n. frightened ones. Category: Mood and Character.

anbirrk   n. hill, mountain, rise in ground. Category: Elements.

andakbarrki   n. spear laid on ground. Category: Hunting.

andarrmulu   n. place name. Cooper's Creek, Arnhem Land. Category: Names and Placenames.

andikad   n. kidney. Category: Body Parts and Products.

andiny   n. tree species. Grows near beach. Category: Plants.

anikiny   n. term of address: husband to wife, wife to husband. Category: People and Kinship.

aninganbularrajbubung   n. bird species, dove. Category: Birds.

anjikiny   n. wife. Category: People and Kinship.

anmin   vi. race. Category: Motion.

anmiyalad   n. tree species. Used to poison fish. Category: Plants, Fish.

angak   n. 1 • breath.

2 • life.

angartirrirr   n. corner. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

angbakan   va. 1 • breathe, live.

2 • throw dirt (out of hole).Paradigm:: angbakan, angbakan. Category: Elements.

angbal   n. hair.

angban   n. term of address used by: man to daughter's child, woman to brother's daughter's child.Pl: angbanyung. Category: People and Kinship.

angbardi   n. 1 • champion, one who excels. Category: Mood and Character.

2 • bow of canoe, boat.

angbarlgunda   n. harbour. Category: Names and Placenames.

angbartudba   va. leave numberry, land.Paradigm:: angbartudban, angbartudba. Category: Holding and Transfer.

angbulda   va. drink.Paradigm:: angbuldang, angbulda. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire.

angbuldagadbun   va. arrive at a place.Paradigm:: angbuldagadbung, angbuldagadbun. Category: Motion.

angbuldagarru(ku)n   va. deceive, tell lies to.Paradigm:: angbuldagarrukun. Category: Mood and Character.

angbuldakinun   va. ask.Paradigm:: angbuldakinun. Category: Interrogatives.

angbuldalkan   va. ask about a place.Paradigm:: angbuldaljiny, angbulkalkan. Category: Interrogatives.

angbuldalkban   va. take a short cut.Paradigm:: angbuldalkban.

angbuldangan   va. send.Paradigm:: angbuldangang, angbuldangan. Category: Holding and Transfer.

angbuldarnakan   va. 1 • prod, stab ground.

2 • break out (chicken from egg).Paradigm:: angbuldarnakang, angbuldarnakan. Category: Impact.

angbuldijbun   va. gather water.Paradigm:: angbuldijbung, angbuldijbun. Category: Holding and Transfer.

angbuldirran   va. take a rest.Paradigm:: angbuldirrany, angbuldirran. Category: State.

angbuldirrkbun   va. scoop up water.Paradigm:: angbuldirrkbung, angbuldirrkbun. Category: Holding and Transfer.

angbunman   va. relate, tell a story.Paradigm:: angbunman, angbunman. Category: Vocalising and Thought.

angbungalkun   va. dig up.Paradigm:: angbungalkung, angbungalkung. Category: Impact.

angburdbulang   va. pour out.Paradigm:: angburdbulang, angburdbulang. Category: Motion.

angburjalkun   va. dig out soil.Paradigm:: angburjalkang. Category: Elements, Impact.

angburrarryu   n. the place with the hole. Category: Names and Placenames.

angburrarti   n. sacred place , totem centre. Category: Ceremony and Dreaming.

angburrudikan   n. north. Category: Time.

angbuyawun   va. dig.Paradigm:: angbuyawung, angbuyawun. Category: Impact.

anginka   va. fight, argue, quarrel.Paradigm:: anginkan, anginka. Category: Impact.

angkad   adv. always. Follows verb when reduplicated, otherwise precedes.

angkumalgayan   va. go hunting.Paradigm:: angkumalgayang. Category: Hunting.

angkumalkbarama   va. eat.Paradigm:: angkumalkbaraman, angkumalkbarama. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire.

angkumanyirri   n. term of address: mother's mother. Synonym: wiwi. Category: People and Kinship.

angkumaranga   va. go around in a circle.Paradigm:: angkumarangan, angkumaranga. Category: Motion, Direction and Location.

angkumarnmilwun   va. gather oysters in shell.Paradigm:: angkumarnmilwung, angkumarnmilwun. Category: Holding and Transfer.

angkumarrajba   va. walk.Paradigm:: angkumarrajbang, angkumarrajba. Category: Motion.

angkumarranyi   va. beckon, wave.Paradigm:: angkumarranyin, angkumarranyi.

angkumuldun   va. want to leave. imalda angkumuldun ba arijumartan The child is ready to come out (used of a woman in labour).Paradigm:: angkumuldung, angkumuldun.

angkuwijbani   va. pile up stones.Paradigm:: angkuwijbaning, angkuwijbani. Category: Holding and Transfer.

angkuwijun   va. go from place to place , move about.Paradigm:: angkuwijung, angkuwijung. Category: Motion.

angkuwinjamang   va. mix.

angkuwun   va. bury.Paradigm:: angkuwung, angkuwun. Category: Healing Sickness and Ailments.

angkuwurrwun   va. think.Paradigm:: angkuwurrwung, angkuwurrwun. Category: Vocalising and Thought.

angkuwurrwurr   va. be worried.Paradigm:: angkuwurrwurr, angkuwurrwurr. Category: Mood and Character.

angmardi   n. adolescent girl. Category: People and Kinship.

angmiradkudbun   n. rocky ground. Category: Elements.

angmungkurrying   n. footwear. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

angmungulkbarrki   va. stoop, kneel.

angmungurjiying   va. make a noise.Paradigm:: angmungurjiyingan, angmungurjiying. Category: Sounds.

angmungurlkung   va. make dirty.Paradigm:: angmungurlkung, angmungurlkung. Category: Impact.

anguladbiyij   n. trick. Category: Mood and Character.

angurtu irruk   n. cold weather. Synonym: manmuyuk. Category: Time, Elements.

ara alba dubulu   vi. play cards.

aralangkadbakba   n. one who shows.

arawidmanmalakan   n. gecko. Category: Reptiles and Snakes.

arawurdin   n. tide coming in. Category: Aquatic.

arawurdin mambal   n. spring tide. Category: Aquatic.

ardamungkun   n. 1 • ant bed, small ant hill. Category: Elements.

2 • red sand. Category: Colour Pattern and Texture.

3 • coffee. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire.

ardbanjildin   vi. meet.Pl: ardbanjildiny.

ardbarak   n. well of water. Category: Elements.

ardbung   adv. 1 • more, extra.

2 • also.

ardirta   vi. return, come back.Paradigm:: ardirtan, ayuwirta.

ari   vi. stand, be standing.Paradigm:: aring, analdi, aldi. Category: State.

arigij   n. last year's yam. Has the new yam growing alongside. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Plants.

arijumartan   n. baby, small child. Category: People and Kinship.

arjambuj   n. hole in ground. Category: Elements.

arjid   n. calf of leg. Category: Body Parts and Products.

arlamun   n. 1 • kidney. Category: Body Parts and Products.

2 • vine type. Small grape-like fruit eaten by kangaroo. Category: Plants.

arlartarr   n. 1 • nothing.

2 • empty. Category: Number and Quantity.

arli   n. inside of the eyelid. Category: Body Parts and Products.

arlirr   n. tree, log (generic). Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Plants.

arlkinyarlkiny   n. gland in neck under jaw. Category: Body Parts and Products.

arlmarra   n. tree species, woolly butt. Category: Plants.

arnangkad   n. hard place. Category: Names and Placenames.

arnarna   n. spear type. Synonym: alijbularr. Category: Hunting.

arnbijung   n. sweet grass - edible. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Plants.

arnkumu   n. large mangrove crab. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Animals.

arnmilwil   n. oyster in shell. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Animals.

arrabaji   n. little stick for killing ticks. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

arrabujba   n. songman. Category: Ceremony and Dreaming.

arrabulyu   n. fish species, catfish. Category: Fish.

arrakan   n. new generation. Category: People and Kinship.

arralba   n. start.

arralba   exc. hurry up! be quick! Category: Motion, Exclamations.

arramunika   n. man's name. Category: People and Kinship.

arranja   n. sea weed, water weed. Category: Aquatic, Plants.

arrarnarn   n. oyster type - small. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Animals.

arrarra   n. sour. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Bodily Functions.

arrarrbi   n. men.Sg: warrbi. Category: People and Kinship.

arrayi   n. oyster type - large. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Animals.

arrba   n. few. Category: Number and Quantity.

arrburrung   n. half brother. Category: People and Kinship.

arrilil   n. clapsticks. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

arrimanga   n. term of address: brother or sister of deceased person. Category: People and Kinship.

arriyangkayurr   n. water snake. Category: Reptiles and Snakes.

arriyarlarriyarl   n. whirlwind, willy-willy. Category: Elements.

arrka   n. halfway. Category: Direction and Location.

arrkarl   n. fish species, garfish. Category: Fish.

arrkbunduj   n. half sister. Category: People and Kinship.

arrman   n. yam type. Slightly poisonous - roast and eat next day. Category: Food Drink Cooking and Fire, Plants.

arta   exc. oh! Category: Exclamations.

artakiyu   exc. I don't know, goodness knows. Category: Exclamations.

artawirr   n. 1 • hollow log. Category: Plants.

2 • didgeridoo. Category: Artefacts Constructions and Personal Objects.

3 • gun. Category: Hunting.

artawirrartawirr   n. shell type. Category: Aquatic, Shells.

arturtu   n. Elements. Category: Elements.

awad   n. vomit. Category: Body Parts and Products.

awalk   n. bush type. White or black fruit. Category: Plants.

awara   vi. come.Paradigm:: awaran.

awarabarta   adv. soon, near. Category: Time.

award   n. tears. Category: Body Parts and Products, Healing Sickness and Ailments.

awundugulmurndanymin   n. full tide. Category: Aquatic.

awunduman   vi. discuss.Paradigm:: awundumany, awunduman. Category: Vocalising and Thought.

awurakbunjildin   n. family. Category: People and Kinship.

awurr   n. waterhole. Category: Names and Placenames, Elements.

awurran   n. numberrymen. Category: People and Kinship.

awurrwurr   n. new generation. Category: People and Kinship.

ayakanjildin   vi. quarrel.Paradigm:: ayakanjildiny, ayakanjildin. Category: Impact.

ayanjildin   n. sweetheart. Category: Mood and Character.