A - a

a   particle. and.

ama   interjection. mother (baby talk). Syn: ngambirri, mumngimi.

-ang   suffix. genetive suffix, expresses a benefactive function 'for'. nyuni burtal ngirrangi You are good for me. Gram: historically reflects a genitive-dative function nyanngang As for him. Syn: -gi.

-atjuy   derivational morpheme.

1 • to the other side (typically on deictic particles), further on (typically on deictic particles).

2 • further on. ngunyirlatjuy to further on (allative function).

-aw   derivational morpheme.

1 • group of...( on kin nouns, often after suffix -ar, ERG). ngambirraraw group of mothers (ERG). Syn: mala.

2 • some ( on kin nouns, often after suffix -ar, ERG).

aywa'   interjection. what's that!